Wednesday, 14 August 2019


Minister Nalendi Pandor

Minister Nalendi Pandor in a meeting of the South Africa Development community to discuss President Cyril Ramaphosa's state visit to Tanzania on Sunday 11th August 2019 in johanesburg south Africa, at a press briefing addressed the allegation from the Nigerian Student body; National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) as reckless.

Comr. Bamidele D. Akpan (NANS President)

In what she described as unfortunate, she noted to the press that the allegations were reckless, devoid of truth and unwarranted.

Also the minister of police, Mr Bheki Cele who accompanied her to the state visit at Tanzania in his statement noted that most crimes in South Africa is committed by Nigerians against Nigeria Nationals including the Taxi violence in western Cape where two suspects has been arrested.

The Press Briefing as captured by News Crew Reads:

“The protest as said to be in response to alleged killings of Nigerians by south Africans, as you are aware, these allegations are devoid of truth, they are reckless and unwarranted.
We find these statements most unfortunate, as they don't reflect the strong relations that exists between the people and the governments of south Africa and Nigeria.
Firstly, there is no targeting of any any group of Africans in South Africa.
Secondly, our law enforcement agencies are making every effort to fight crime and arrest all criminals.”

The South Africa minister of police, Mr Bheki Cele added by saying:

“We have investigated some of these crimes, we have established that 16 of murder crimes committed in South Africa; now its not allegation because we have investigated it, are committed by Nigerian Nationals against Nigerian nationals. That includes the murder that has taken place about a week or two in Western Cape which falls within the Taxi violence and we have arrested two Nigerian nationals against the murder of that Nigerian National.”

Lady Pandor also noted that South Africa is comforted by the assurances given by the Nigerian government on the safety of South Africans and their business in Nigeria.

She also extended an invitation to Nigerians, aimed at reciprocating the assurances the Nigerian government has given.

She said: “I am hoping that with the support of our high commission in Nigeria we’ll be able to invite to South-Africa some of the leaders of the student organisation leading the course of protest against South-African businesses in Nigeria.” while calling on the head of the South African parliament to invite the President of the Nigerian Senate and their delegation to visit South-Africa to see that Nigerians are living in Peace with South-Africans.

On the other News, President Muhammed Buhari has accepted invitation for a state visit to south South Africa Slated for first week of October this year.