Wednesday, 14 August 2019


As we celebrate Eid-el-Kabir, the celebration of the greatest sacrifice, we join the Muslim faithfuls all over the country, most especially Nigerian Students in sharing the joy of the greatest sacrifice and the celebration of its gains.

In sober reflection of our National experience, we celebrate the sacrifices of our combatants soldiers in keeping us safe especially those who at the cause of protecting our lives, sovereignty and territorial integrity has paid the supreme price as a sacrifice for the safety and security of Nigerians.

We as people must therefore seize the opportunity provided by this season of unconditional love, to continue to make sacrifices to the security and unity of this nation.

We must pay more attention to those variables that further unite us as people of collective destiny irrespective of our ethnicity, religion persuasion and political affinity. 

We must all do our best in commitment to see the end to killings, kidnapping, banditry and terrorism in Nigeria. 

As we celebrate fellow Nigerians, we must remember to continue to pray for our nation  Nigeria, we must pray for her peace, stability and economic  prosperity.

Still in the spirit of celebration of the greatest sacrifice, we remember the lives and sacrifices of Nigerian Students whose lives were cut short recently in Bauchi in the unfortunate but avoidable bridge collapse accident. 

We therefore call on every one in position of authority to pro-actively take conscious and deliberate actions to protect the sanctity of human lives and place premium on actions that will further place value on lives of every Nigerian.

Leaders at every level of our National life must borrow from the core message of this season and continue to see Public Service as a sacrifice to God and the people.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

God bless Nigeria Students!!

God bless NANS!!!


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