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Thursday, 5 December 2019

Wole Soyinka: What do Thuggery and Disobedience Have in Common? Everything

Renowned Professor and Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka has lashed out on the Federal Government in his open letter with the Title: Between Thuggery and State Disobedience.

The Nobel Laureate Started by narrating the tragedy behind the Death of a former Minister of justice and attorney General of the Federation Justice Bola Ige to the Barbaric Assault on Justice Adeyeye by Governor Fayose of Ekiti state, the Silence of the judiciary and the disobedience of the rule of law by the executive and other institutions of the state.

Prof Wole Soyinka in his open letter addressed the continuous detention of #RevolutionNow convener and renowned Activist Comr. Omoyele Sowore with the question IS SOWORE MIYETTI ALLAH? and ended his letter by asking; What do thuggery and court disobedience have in common? As he replied - Everything!

Between Thuggery and State Disobedience: Wole SoyinkaI have no hesitation in admitting that I have a, personal, formative interest in the health of the Nigerian judiciary, deeper perhaps than the average Nigerian.  At a critical junction in the life of this writer, a judge resolved to give primacy to the call of conscience, affirm his professional integrity and defend the supremacy of law in defiance of state interference. He refused to bow to external pressure in adjudicating a case whose conclusion, had this accused been found guilty as charged, would have been life imprisonment.  That individual, the late Justice Kayode Eso, has narrated the event in his autobiography – The Mystery Gunman – with his noted wit and judicial poise. The Deputy Premier of the then Western Region of Nigeria had summoned the judge to his residence, lectured him on his duty to protect the interests of the government against the accused. Justice Eso listened politely, re-affirmed his commitment to the rule of law, and took his leave. 
It would be most surprising if my own brush with the law has not crossed my mind since the predicament of Omoyele Sowole, journalist and former presidential candidate, began. The Nigerian judiciary was not thereby, nor is today, a model of perfection. Nonetheless, exemplars such as Justice Eso have succeeded in creating, in some of us, an exceptional respect for the Bench, instilled a conviction that the law, despite its lapses, demands respect, autonomy and obedience. Much of the judiciary across the continent remains constantly under siege – Nigeria is no exception. Needless to say, it often strikes me that the “learned brotherhood” could do more to protect, and assert itself. Apart from the obvious and numerous scandals of moral deficit that require constant internal purgation, there are instances where it does fail to protect itself even from putative and/or illegal power.

Take the assassination of the Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of the Federation, Bola Ige, on his way to a UN appointment. The presiding judge on that case cried out against unseemly interference from “least expected quarters”.  He kept a diary of coded names and times, two pages of which came into my possession. His cries petered out in void. Justice Abass, feeling vulnerable and isolated, bowed out of the case. The judiciary lamely acquiesced, certainly with a huge sigh of relief in some sectors.
A robust opportunity lost to burnish the image of the law. I was left aghast.
From tragedy to slapstick tragi-comedy – let us pull up an eyewitness account from the Nigerian PM News of Thursday, September 2014:
“Temperamental Ekiti State Governor-elect, Ayodele Fayose, slapped a court judge today for being rude to him and then ordered his thugs to beat him further.
The action of Fayose and his thugs triggered some pandemonium in the court, with judicial workers and others running into safety. The sitting of the Ekiti State Governorship Election petitions tribunal could also not hold.
Immediately, thugs numbering about 20 pounced on Justice Adeyeye, beat him up and tore his clothes, while his co-workers scampered and shouted for help.
Following the development, judicial workers hurriedly shut down the court premises thereby preventing any court proceeding for hours before the police fired tear gas canisters to disperse the hoodlums.”
For a week, two weeks, then forever, `I waited to see what would be the response of the judiciary. There came none. Naively, I thought , surely, this institution would rise and defend its very existence through some form of action, even if merely symbolic. Not a squeak. Not even after that governor left office and thereby lost his immunity. What to me appeared to be the collapse,  not just of a pillar, but of the edifice of human culture, appeared to be no more than a blip on the judicial  template.
 There are of course more effective ways of degrading a judiciary than merely brutalising  a judge, and leaving his judicial robes in tatters.  One of the most effective, increasingly optimised in Nigeria, is simply by not only ignoring, but treating its orders with disdain, encouraging its agencies to trot out cynical excuses for disobedience while laughing all the way to the citadel of power. In that regard, there does appear to be an undeclared contest among succeeding  governments, intensified since the return of the nation to civilian government in 1999, for placement in the Guinness Book of Records as the most notorious Scofflaw in the  field of democratic pretensions. Or could it be an anticipation of a proposal I made at the Athens Democracy Forum some months ago, calling for an annual award – such as an Order of Demerit – for such an achiever?
Perhaps, we have finally attained maximum saturation, and there is no need for any further record keeping.
It is extremely difficult to imagine a further lowering of the bar of disdain for law than we have witnessed under the present regime. The degree of cynicism in the conduct of state security agencies has attained a level of consistency that is surpassed by only one other previous government – but it is a close call. Not only does a security agency refuse to obey a court order to release a suspect after fulfilling his bail conditions, that agency manufactures one childish pretext after another, including a claim that no one had shown up to receive the detainee. “His sureties have yet to show up to collect him”, declared the DSS, prime candidate for special featuring in my “Interventions” series, periodically dedicated to the theme of  The Republic of Liars. Are we speaking here of a full grown adult, a journalist and former presidential candidate, or an overnight bag awaiting  the rightful claimant in a LOST AND FOUND department? 
The nation continues to undergo the chagrin of having the rug pulled from under her feet while waiting in the long queue for judicial redress against the strong-arm culture of state, as well as unlisted power interests. For instance, Lagos State, the former federal capital territory, and still the acknowledged commercial capital of the nation, once found herself denied statutory allocation for several years, despite repeated court declarations that such withholding by the central government was unconstitutional and should be remedied forthwith. That President took sadistic pleasure in simply playing deaf. It took his successor to end the abuse and restore the full entitlements of that state, a disobedience that went beyond mere churlishness but affected the development and welfare of the indigenes of that state. And so on, and on, waiting in vain for that day when the Rule of Law becomes commonplace, and its benefice is not doled out by the drop to famished mendicants. 
So, finally, what do thuggery and court disobedience have in common? Everything! They are both Scofflaw manifestations. Unilateral declarations of  Supra-Law delusions. One is simply a more structured, more hypocritical version of the other. One knows itself for what it is, while the other tries to camouflage its abnormality under a higher purpose, the more elastic the better. Such is that often specious alibi labelled “national security”. Is Sowore Miyetti Allah? As for those agencies that actually think to inhibit social revolution by fastening on the alarmist  association of the word ‘revolution’,  half the citizens of this nation should be in permanent detention.  From pulpit to minaret, from clinic to fish market, from student club to motor park, the wish for drastic transformation of this nation is staple discourse.  Perhaps, we should begin with its application to that institution whose decisions affect both society and individuals with such finality, for good or ill – the judiciary.

The Court has in another News  Fined the DSS and instructed the Department of State Services to release Sowore within 24hrs.

DSS Forced to Release Sowore as Court Slams Fine and a 24-hour Order

An Abuja Federal High Court, on Thursday, fined the Department State Services (DSS), the sum of N100,000 for disregarding the November 6 ruling that ordered them to release detained Sahara Reporters Publisher, and Activist Omoyele Sowore, after meeting bail conditions.

Justice Ijeoma Ojukwu, who presided over the case, also ordered the release of Sowore, and his co-accused, Olawale Bakare, a 21-year old student.

Comr Omoyele Sowore, who was arrested in Lagos on August 3, 2019 for planning to lead a protest tagged, #RevolutionNow, has been detained illegally for 125 days by the Department of State Services despite two court orders to release them after meeting bail conditions.

Report says that, protesters from Sowore’s hometown stormed the Court while the case was ongoing, carrying placards demanding that Sowore and Bakare be released.

The court also adjourned the trial of the case brought against them by the Nigerian Government till December 6 (tomorrow) for continuation.

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Nigeria Law Makers Set To Abolish The Payment Of Acceptance Fees Into Tertiary Institutions

This development was following a motion moved by Hon. Emeka Chinedu Martins (PDP-Imo) representing Ahiazu Mbaise/Ezinihitte Federal Constituency and adopted by the house, during the plenary presided over by the Speaker of the house, Mr Femi Gbajabiamila, on Wednesday.
The motion is titled “Call for Abolishment of Acceptance Fees into Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria”.

The House of Representatives has called on the Federal Government to as a matter of urgency abolish payment of acceptance fees into tertiary institutions in the country.

Hon. Martins while moving the motion cited important facts which include; recent data from the National Universities Commission showing that only about two million people were enrolled into
 the universities nationwide out of a population of over 180 million.

He (Hon. Chinedu Martins) said that the estimates represented one per cent of the population which was an indication of the low attendance in tertiary institutions compared to
other advanced countries.

The law maker noted that additional data from the National Bureau of Statistics and the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board showed that out of the
10 million applicants that sought admissions into tertiary institutions, only 26 per cent gained admissions between 2010 and 2015.

He said it was an indication that about 75 per cent of the applicants failed to gain admissions every year and also reinforced that access to tertiary education in the country was low.
"The house is concerned that one of the factors contributing to poor access to tertiary education is the predatory admission policies being enforced by tertiary institutions, particularly the requirement for payment of non-refundable acceptance fees as condition precedent for admissions.
The house is also concerned that many federally-operated tertiary institutions charge as much as N30,000 per student, while some states and private institutions charge significantly more, as evidenced in the following:
"University of Ibadan, N35,000; University of Lagos, N20,000;  Ahmadu Bello University, N30,000;  Imo State University, N70,000;
and Lagos State University, N20,000."
The house is further concerned that applicants are expected to pay the acceptance fees within a short deadline despite having gone through the tortuous process of paying and sitting for the Senior School Certificate Examinations (SSCE), the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME) and making the cut off mark. 
If they are unable to meet the deadline, the applicants are surcharged for late payment with the risk of losing the offer of admissions."
The lawmakers also noted that the aspirations of prospective students would be cut short if the "exploitative admission practices of tertiary institutions in the
country are left unchecked".

The House Committee on Tertiary Education and Services was directed to investigate the admission policies and practices of tertiary institutions in the country especially regarding acceptance fees.

Thursday, 17 October 2019


The National Association of Nigeria Students released a warning today to the Governor of Ekiti state, Dr. Kayode Fayemi.

 The  Publication which was released by the Public relations officer of the Student Association; Comrade Adeyemi Azeez warned the Executive Governor against coming to Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma.

The Governor was invited by the management of the institution to take a lecture at her 22nd convocation on thursday, 17th October 2019.

The convocation  was scheduled as follows:
Jumat Service
Time: 2.00pm

Inter-Denominational Service
Venue: St. Patrick Catholic Church Chaplaincy
Opposite Faculty of Law, Main Campus

I.   Collection of Academic Gowns by Graduands

II. Collection of Academic Gowns by Graduands

I.   Convocation Concert & Play
     Time: 10.00am
     Venue: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Hall
II.  Football Match
     Time: 4.00pm
     Venue: University Sports Complex, Main Campus
     Time: 9.00am

I.   Convocation Lecture
     Venue: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Hall
     Time: 2.00pm
II.  Chancellor’s Cocktail
     Venue: Vice-Chancellor’s Guest House, G.R.A. Ukhun Road, Ekpoma
     Time: 5.00pm

Installation of the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the Governing Council, Award of Prizes, Conferment of First Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates.
Venue: Cordelia Agbebaku Auditorium
Time: 10.00am

Launching of Endowment Fund, Award of Higher Degrees and Honorary Degrees.
Venue: Cordelia Agbebaku Auditorium
Time: 10.00am

 The letter from the student body reads:

The National Association of Nigerian Students wish to advise the Ekiti State Governor, Dr John Kayode Fayemi to in the interest of justice, recuse himself from the convocation lecture he plans to deliver tomorrow at the Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State.

The entire public would recall that in September, 2019, the wife of the governor while on political tour of local governments within Ekiti State caused the death of two promising undergraduates at Federal University, Oye-Ekiti.

Erelu Bisi Fayemi's orderlies mainly from the Counter Terrorism Unit of the Nigeria Police Force had in a broad daylight barbarism, shot at harmless students killing two and injuring many..
Till date, the Ekiti State first family had done everything humanly possible to cover up the sad incident.

One of the slain students, Joseph Okonofua hails from Edo state where Governor Kayode Fayemi is billed to address a convocation lecture.

We maintain our earlier ban placed on the first family of Ekiti state not to visit or attend any program or engage in any activity on Nigerian campuses. It is a strong warning that this leadership will not compromise until justice is done on the #FuoyeKilling.

NANS will not sit idly watching those who sacrifice the blood of Nigerian students for transient power sustainability to further insult the sensibilities of our colleagues.
That Governor Kayode Fayemi is known for arrogance of power and mindless blood letting is enough for him and his family to stay away from our campuses.

The Ekiti State Governor would do well not to dare the resolve of Nigerian students by coming to AAU, Ekpoma as students within and outside Edo state are fully mobilized to stop the sacrilege Fayemi is about to perform.

No Nigerian, however powerful should take the life of another and still roam the nation in search of goodwill when his cloth is soaked with innocent citizens blood.
What impactful lecture will Governor Kayode Fayemi who is unfeeling, uncaring and mafioso in nature deliver in an academic environment?
Should we wait after his exit from Ekpoma to begin to count numbers again?
The deaths around Kayode Fayemi is enough for any of us to become wary of his unsuspecting solicitation for sacrifices.

The management and senate of AAU, Ekpoma should find, immediately, a suitable replacement for Governor Kayode Fayemi as NANS would resist his entrance and stop him from killing more students whose blood he satisfactorily  donate to his oracles in renewal of earthly powers. We insist that we can no longer accept loss of students.

The leadership of NANS hereby directs immediate mobilization for the stoppage of Governor John Kayode Fayemi whose wife superintended over the killing of Joseph Okonofua and Kehinde Dada.

Should the Governor remain adamant, he should prepare more of his CTU officers so as to stroll on the blood of Nigerian students whose lives he cherishes for  his blood consuming deities.
AAU, Ekpoma is certainly the best place to ask pertinent questions as to why Fayemi's wife is licensed to kill people's children, cover up the killings with her privileged status and for Nigerian students to ensure the long awaited justice.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed!

Justice delayed is Justice denied!!

Comr. Adeyemi Azeez
National PRO, NANS.

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Black Wednesday as Petrol Tanker explodes at Onitcha killing Scores and Burning down shops (Images and Video)

It was a horrible sight at the early hours of today, Wednesday the 16th of October,
2019 as scores met their end  at Onitcha the Economic hub of the Nation as a fast racing petrol tanker lost brake and explodes to flames.

The tanker which fell at Upper-Iweka had its  content leak through the drainage from Upper-Iweka to the popular Ochanja Main Market.
Eye witness report recorded that the fire outbreak trapped and killed many within their stores and residence in the market area not sparing women and children.
Stores worth billions was raised down by the fire as residents called and prayed for the fire service to come to their rescue to no avail.

Reactions has since been trailing on all social media as nigerians mourn the death of fellow citizens and property while calling on the Government to create proactive measures to arrest emergencies

Friday, 4 October 2019


NANS logo

The Convention Planning Committee of the National Association of Nigeria Students (NANS) South-South/South-East Zone has announced the date of the 2019 election.

This announcement was made through a signed  Notice by the Convention Planning Committee Chairman; Comr. Nwankwo Ezekiel and Secretary; Comrade Edwin Emakpor.

The Convention is said to hold at the University of Nigeria at Nsukka in Enugu State on  24th to 27th of October 2019.

The convention notice which was served to all Union Presidents in the zone, Joint Campus Committee(JCC) Chairmen and Stakeholders of the zone is scheduled as follows.
Official invitation to zone B 2019 Convention
Thursday 24th October, 2019 would be the date for arrival of all involved while a convention lecture with the Theme Nigeria of our Dream;the role of Nigeria Students would hold on Friday, the 25th of October 2019 with the registration and accreditation of Senators.

The convention lecture would hold  at exactly 9:00am at the university of Nigeria Nsukka Campus.

Saturday, the 26th day of October 2019 would be the date for the election of new zonal executives while the Association would hold a world press briefing on Sunday the 27th.

The press brief would mark the end of the convention while all senators(Union Presidents) are expected to vacate the convention to their various campuses.

The convention is a gathering of all comrade sand student activists and it is supposed to be a gathering of intellectuals and key opinion makers as far as student unionism and activism is concerned.

Aluta News interviewed some key comrades of the zone on their expectation for the zonal convention; one of the foremost contestant for the office of the zonal secretary and a one time director of mobilization of the zone, Comr Chika Kessy Ossai who in a phone interview said:
"we are expecting the best because the best hands ever in the zone and the best administrators NANS has ever produced. these Leaders; Comr Ezekiel and Edwin are encyclopedias as far as our journey is concerned and they have learnt overtime from the experiences and lessons of past conventions and i am of the believe that this year would be the best so far."
Comr. Chika Ossai
Aluta News would be fully on ground to cover the event.

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

NADESSTU Presidential Aspirant Comrade Sebe Godspower Pledges Support for The Association Congratulate Newly Elected

Foremost Aspirant at the just concluded National Election of the National Association of Delta State Students (NADESSTU) Worldwide  today in the spirit of independence sent his Goodwill message to the Association.
Comrade Sebe, in his message sent in a press text through his campaign Secretariat congratulated the Newly Elected Executive and Promised to give his unalloyed support to the Association while calling on his supporters to join hands in making NADESSTU greater.
I want to succinctly state it clear that I will make sure I continue to put all efforts around these new excos to enable us (NADESSTU) achieve a common goal in my own little ways the much I can to realise the NADESSTU of our dream and I expect you to do same.- SEBE

To all my Supporters (senators)  let's keep the flag waving for better days lies ahead, do not quench the fire. Yes we can achieve the NADESSTU of our dream under Godwin's leadership. He is not the enemy. No, he is not. If you fight him, you may give him no choice than to take solice in the grip of the oppressors whose chain we all wanted to break. Yes we can collectively break and cut the chains asunder in oneness;  NADESSTU must be free; oh yes. - SEBE

In the press he also called on Stakeholders to remain fathers and guide the Association to Greatness while calling on all government appointees on student matters to work with the executive as they carry out their pro-student course which they were elected for.

The Press Text Reads:

Aluta Greetings!!!

I wish to sincerely appreciate   all Government appointees, Stakeholders, Co-ordinators,  Out-going National Executives, Senators, Newly Elected executives and all who supported my course, for their support and confidence placed on me in the pursuit of my ambition for the post of National President of NADESSTU,I was humbled for the show of love and solidarity support accorded me, I could not have gone that far if not for you, yes you. We all  are winners.

I want to succinctly state it clear that I will make sure I continue to put all efforts around these new excos to enable us (NADESSTU) achieve a common goal in my own little ways the much I can to realise the NADESSTU of our dream and I expect you to do same.

To all my Supporters (senators)  let's keep the flag waving for better days lies ahead, do not quench the fire. Yes we can achieve the NADESSTU of our dream under Godwin's leadership. He is not the enemy. No, he is not. If you fight him, you may give him no choice than to take solice in the grip of the oppressors whose chain we all wanted to break. Yes we can collectively break and cut the chains asunder in oneness;  NADESSTU must be free; oh yes.

To the Newly elected National Executives, I wish you all a successful  tenure, always love yourselves. Do not give to rumours and back biting thereby creating the seed of discord and animosity amongst you. My availability is guaranteed at all time in order to merge my visions and dreams  with yours for the association to grow to the  envy of other associations and on lookers, only precedent on the fact that I was called upon, it will be an honour to share views, opinion and dreams.

To all government appointees on Students' matters, Youths and Education, I plead with you all to work together round the clock to give the NADESSTU a smiling face and help her from this state of docility and  suppression in order to achieve her Aims and objectives in line with the dreams and aspirations of our founding fathers being past leaders of this Noble Association, whether dead or alive.

To the stakeholders; you are like fathers to the current Executives and other members of the Association. Your  advises are golden and should never be trivialized. Your word should be your bonds. Your integrity must be upheld at all time, therefore you must not demean yourselves for any reason, you must uphold standards set by our founding fathers with a room for improvement without compromising core values while passing them to the younger generation. We should learn to remove all grievances from our body. The election have come and gone, let us try and forge ahead, let us try and chat a new cause for the association in order to build a solid and long lasting legacies for our unborn children who shall admire the beauty of our efforts when our story is told to them. Let us try to purge ourselves from all guile and personal interests and pursue the collective/ Cooperate goals/interests of the association. At all times, let the interest of the association come first before any other interest irrespective of who champions it. This I have said unequivocally without prejudice to the right or personality of no one. I have been led by my instinct. For some reasons best known to me, perhaps you also know, something tells me that we all love the association in your own ways even though our interest do not always converge as one in most cases. But we can return to our ancient land mark where we sit and harmonised ideas and come to consensus on clarion issues with no hidden motives. Love and Unity were the watch word. They should be brought back to lead us again.

Once again we all won. No one lost.

Thank you all .

I remain  Most Jnr. Comr. Sebe Godspower O.

God bless Nigeria

God bless Delta State

God bless NADESSTU


Aluta Continua Victoria ascerta.

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Nigeria at 59 | Random social media Reactions by Nigerians across board

As Nigeria Marks another independence Day making the most populous black nation on earth 59years as an independent Nation, ALUTA News attempted to X-ray how Nigerians feel about her nation at 59.

ALUTA News publishers was tasked to get screenshots of people's reactions and social media posts  across board.

While the people remain unhappy about  the state of affairs in the Nation many remain indifferent while others spread the news of hope.

ALUTA News gathered that a vase majority of the young ones have lost hope in the both leadership and the prospect of a better Nigeria.

Both Politicians and the masses reeled out their thoughts, feelings and opinions of the Nation as it is today.

The Seven count charges Against Omoyele Sowore and Olawale Bakare

Pro-democracy Activist, convener of #RevolutionNow and AAC flagbearer at the 2019 National Elections who was arrested by men of the department of state services at the early hours of Friday 2nd August against a planned protest on 5th August tagged REVOLUTION NOW was arraigned again at the Abuja federal high court for 7 count charges.

This was after justice Taiwo of same court granted the defendant bail just one week ago which was defiled by the security agency.

The charges which was read out to the defendant and the all present reads:

See Also: Sowore Manhandled by DSS 

Count 1.

"that you,  Omoyele Sowore and Olawale Bakare, under the name #RevolutionNow, did conspire amongst yourself  to carry out revolution protests aimed at removing the president".

Count 2.

"that you,  Omoyele Sowore and Olawale Bakare,  and others at large under the coalition for revolution staged a revolution campaign on 5th day of August aimed at removing the  President and Commander in Chief of the the Armed Forces during his tenure in office.

Count 3

"That you, Omoyele Sowore and Olawale Bakare, and others at large did commit offence by sending a message by means of press interview to Arise TV which you knew will cause insult and hatred towards the President".

Omoyele Sowore in his reply to the charge said he was arrested on August 5th and so he does not understand the charge.  His Co-defendant, Mr Olawole Bakare also said he does not understand the charge.

Both pleaded 'not guilty' on advice of their lawyer.

Count 4.
Transfer of Funds

"That you,  Omoyele Sowore on April 2019 at Lagos and Abuja committed an offence by transferring the sum of $19,975 from your UBA account credited by City Bank USA into a Sahara Bank Account with the aim of concealing the origin of the funds. "

Count 5.
 Transferring  of $20,475 dollars from his UBA account credited by Sahara Reporters Media Group in New York with the aim of concealing the illicit origin of the funds.

 He also entered the same 'not guilty' plea.

Sowore said he is confused that he has no UBA account and does not understand how one can transfer money from City Bank through UBA to another bank.

He, however, said since his counsel has advised him to enter a plea, it is a not guilty plea.

Count 6.
Transfer of funds contrary to the Money Laundering Act.

"That you Omoyele Sowore on the 27th of June did commit an offence by transferring the sum of $16,967 credited by Sahara Media Group USA with the aim of concealing the illicit origin of the funds.

He entered a 'not guilty' plea.

Count 7.
Transfer of funds.

"That you Omoyele Sowore on 16th July at Lagos and Abuja committed an offence by transferring the sum of $16,975 from your account in USA with the aim of concealing the illicit origin of the funds.

He pleaded not guilty.

Sowore Manhandled by DSS as he Addresses Press | the true video

Following the arrest of the Convener of #RevolutionNow by men of the Department of State Services (DSS).

Comrade Omoyele Sowore was arraigned at the  Federal High court Abuja on September 30, 2019; alongside Mr Oluwale Adebayo Bakare A.K.A Mandate,  on Seven count charges bordering around alledged conspiracy to commit treason,  money laundering, Cyberbullying, insult on the president among others.

Sowore Arrives court

This arraignment was One week after he was granted bail by the same court.
Mr Sowore who arrived  court about 9:14am was greeted by supporters and cameras flashes from pressman tried to talk to men of the press and was restricted and overpowered just as he began chanting the ALUTA Revolution Chant.

See Also: Seven Count Charges Against Sowore 

Details of the press brief below (video) 

Friday, 13 September 2019


The Delta State House Committee Chairman on Education, Hon Charles Emetulu on the 12th of September 2019 officially unveiled the Campaign/Sensitization materials for the kick-of of the first phase of NAPS championed nationwide campaign against female victimization and sexual molestation on campus during a courtesy visit to his office by a delegation of the national leadership of National Association of Polytechnic Students(NAPS) ably led by Dio Oghale Emeka Rex the Director of Mobilization & Strategic Engagements and Chairman of the Committee for the proposed nationwide campaign.

Speaking during the courtesy visit the head of the delegation, Dio Oghale Emeka Rex posited that in lieu of the fact that the chairman of the committee hails from and school in Delta state, that it is imperative to kick start such strategic campaign from home hence the first phase of the nationwide campaign will be kicked off in Delta state.
Going forward, he stated that the leadership of NAPS had chosen the chairman house committee on education as the most appropriate authority for the unveiling of sensitization materials given his oversight role as the house committee chairman on education and with the understanding that such campaign will not find its footing without a legal framework vis-a-viz the domestication of the sexual harassment in tertiary educational institutions prohibition act, 2016 in the respective states.

In conclusion the head of the delegation informed the house committee chairman on education that the flag-off rally is scheduled to hold on the first of October 2019 at asaba and called on all relevant stakeholders to support the initiative.

While unveiling the sensitization materials for the nationwide campaign against female victimization and sexual molestation, the honorable member representing Ndokwa west state constituency/ chairman house committee on education Hon. Charles Emetulu declared total support for the NAPS nationwide campaign against female victimization and sexual molestation on campus, stating that violence against women and all such related violence cum sexual harassment mitigate’s against educational advancement in Africa and therefore must be discouraged by all stakeholders.

He also assured that when ever the need arises he will use his good office to bring whoever is found culpable of such offenses to justice while enjoining the students leaders to eschew malicious blackmail and unfounded propaganda in the course of this campaign.

A vote of thanks was given to the host by a leader of the association, Comrade Rodney Okwusi Nnamdi who used the opportunity to appeal to the house committee chairman to use his good office to facilitate the upward review of budgetary allocation for education in the 2020 of the Delta state government, also commended the state government for the establishment of ministry of technical education and establishment of technical schools in the 25 local government of Delta state.

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Campaign Against Victimization of the Girl Child and Sexual Molestation on Campus: ANTICULT VOLUNTEER CORP Pledges support for Polytechnic Students

The anticult volunteer corp (AVC) Delta State have assured her maximum support and partnership with the leadership of National Association of Polytechnic Students (NAPS) in her Campaign Against Female Victimization and Sexual Molestation Nationwide.

The Director for Mobilization and Strategic Engagements of NAPS, Dio Oghale Emeka Rex earlier today consulted the Anticult Volunteer Corp(AVC), who was received by the Director, department of Intelligence and Media, Oz Odubu.

He made it known, that the leadership of NAPS overtime have received series of reports of crimes within the campus community and from outside sources especially on female students who are usually easy targets due to their fragile nature, and following the sexual harassment in tertiary institutions prohibition act of 2016, the leadership of NAPS have resolved to champion the campaign against Victimization of the girl child and sexual molestation on campus.
In his response, Mr Oz Odubu who is the intelligence and media director of AVC appreciates the leadership of NAPS, noting that the students community are relevant and major stakeholders in nation building, hence their affairs are to be taken serious.
"The AVC is fully in support of your struggle for it is a good one, hence we shall champion the course and ensure we contribute our own quota in our own capacity to make your program in Delta state a success, Mr Oz Odubu concluded.

Nigeria Union of Journalists Delta State chapter Pledges Support For NAPS campaign Against Female Victimization and Sexual Molestation on Campus

The Leadership of Nigeria Union of Journalists Delta State chapter led by Comrade Micheal Ikeogwu endorse and support the National Association of Polytechnic Students(NAPS) nationwide campaign against female victimization and sexual molestation on campus.

Earlier today in preparation for the official unveiling and kick-off of the Nationwide Campaign Against Female Victimization and Sexual Molestation on Campus, as part of the Association’s responsibilities to at all time carry along relevant and necessary stakeholders in nation building, the Director of Mobilization and Strategic Engagements of NAPS, Dio Oghale Emeka Rex paid a consultative visit to the Chairman of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Delta State to discuss a way forward and strategize on the success of the campaign in the state.

The chairman who was very happy in receiving the Director, officially endorsed and declared the support of the Union for the campaign, and also affirmed NUJ partnership in the forthcoming campaign, as he applaud the students body for such a wonderful initiative and their immense contribution in nation building.
He noted that the union of journalists as a doctrine has always promoted pro people initiatives such as this and will not stop during his time as chairman or ever as far as he is concerned.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019


The School Management has  through an official memo directed all students to proceed on a compulsory mid second semester break for 2018/2019 Academic Session with immediate effect, Aluta News has learnt.

The Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP), Ede Polytechnic chapter had on Friday a passed vote of NO CONFIDENCE on the School Management for condoning indiscipline following an alleged mistreatment of a staff  by the president of the students’ union of the institution, Rufai Opeyemi Lukman.

Meanwhile, in a swift reaction, the union congress met with the school Governing council, which an inside source notified Aluta News that the meeting ended in a deadlock. The school authority has instructed students to leave halls of residents latest 2:00pm on tuesday 10th september,2019

According to the notice Released by the institution, the Polytechnic would reopen for normal academic activities on Wednesday 25th September 2019 while the second semester examination will commence immediately on resumption.

Sunday, 8 September 2019


...Says Amai People Are Ultra-Hospitable.

The Amai Health Facility which is currently hosting several sophisticated medical equipments has been envisioned to be the best Health Facility in Delta State.

The Medical Director of Paelon Memorial Clinic, Dr. Ngozi Onyia, and other operators of the Health Facility, made the disclosure on Saturday in Amai Kingdom, at a lunch organised in their honour by Hon. (Chief) Chukwutem Nwogor, the Nzu 1 of Amai Kingdom.

The MD. said that the health facility has been positioned with professional staff, and advanced technologies to provide efficient and effective health services to Deltans, most especially the people residing within the kingdom and it's environs.

"In recognition of our quality services, Global Brands Magazine recently awarded us (Paelon Memorial Clinic) BEST PATIENT CENTRIC HOSPITAL NIGERIA".

However, she expressed gratitude to Amai Kingdom for securing the facilities that has been on ground before their arrival, describing the people as exceptionally hospitable and security conscious.
 "All medical equipments were intact on our arrival, unlike some other communities were we recorded vandals catered away with almost all the medical equipment before time."

The Resident Doctor and other staff in their individual remarks, extolled Amai Kingdom for their hospitality and patriotism, describing the community as a safe haven.

Hon. Chukwutem Nwogor, the chief host, while addressing the Medical Team, paid tribute to the Hospital Management, and expressed surprise at the quality and sophisticated medical equipments he met on ground when he visited the Hospital. He commended the Hospital staff for their professional conducts.

However, he appealed to the Delta State Government to as a matter of great public importance to approve the construction of Amai - Aragba road, for easy access to the Hospital services, as well as to alleviate the sufferings of the people.

He assured the Hospital Management of the support of the Igwete of Amai Kingdom, HRM. Paul Solomon Ifeneziuche, and the solidarity of the entire people of Amai Kingdom, who he said are desirous of the transformation of the community and speedy infrastructural development.

Tuesday, 3 September 2019


Following reports of a failed convention of the Association, the Senate President of the National Association of Delta State Students (NADESSTU) Worldwide, Amb. Comr. Onyeamai Martin, Today at ikeja briefed pressmen on the State of the Association and the way forward from the Senate.

The senator in his speech expressed displeasure on the indecisiveness of the electoral committee and the pain which it has caused the growth of the Association.
Comrade Onyeamai reading from his Text at the Press-house instructed the immediate suspension of the activities of this committee and announce that there will be an emergency sitting of senate to decide the fate of the Association moving forward.

The Press Text Reads

"The man dies in him who remains silent in the face of tyranny" Prof. Wole Soyinka.
Combatant Salutations!
Having watched keenly, as irresponsibility thrived in the Association we laboured to keep, the onus therefore lies on the Senate which is the conscience of the Association to return sanity to the Association.
Having  stated the above, we wish to further state categorically that:
1. Having exhausted the constitutional 30days after pre-convention to hold convention.

2. With the current electoral committee being unable to hold a free, fair and credible election putting both senators, aspirants and students of Delta State origin in undue hardship and harmsway.
3. Inability of the committee to address the senate before the election therefore making this committee unaccountable to Delta State students who commissioned them.
4. Use of touts to abuse the sanctity of the gathering of students in the guise of local security.
The Senate regrets the pain and inconveniences which this practical play of irresponsibility from powers that be has caused the growth and transition of this noble Association, hence we therefore mandate that all activities relating  to the present election by this electoral committee  be put on hold .
To this effect ,the Senate hereby announce  that there will be an emergency sitting of the Senate two weeks from today to address the issues on ground and set up a PRO-NADESSTU electoral committee (venue will be communicated soon) .
The Senate by this notice calls on all zonal coordinators and senators to get set for the mother of all decisions as regards NADESSTU as we warn that any interference from any external force on the decision  of the senate  forthwith will be faced with strict Comradic cum constitutional Confrontation from the senate.
Thanks for your compliance.
Yours in Scientific Aluta
Amb. Comr.  Onyeamai Martin
(Senate President, NADESSTU worldwide)
Executive Governor of Delta State.
State Secretary General, Delta State.
Honourable Commissioner for higher Education
SSA to the governor of Delta State on Students.
All Security Agencies
All zonal coordinators, Senators and Aspirants.
To whom it may concern.


The Student Election Which Was supposed to hold on Saturday 31 August, 2019 was greeted with so much expectation for the future of the Delta State Student's community.
All delegates were seen at Labour House Asaba, the venue of the convention, the student's delegates were accredited successfully on saturday instead of the published friday; yet the delegates endured. Just after the accreditation on saturday the electoral committee announced a postponement of the election to sunday and all delegates were relocated to their hotels to reeturn on sunday by 8:00am.

Report from our correspondence on sunday,noted that the south and the eastern zones were reaccredited successfully while the north and west were still undecided whether to come in. according to an anonymous source it was noted that it was due to logistics issues and certain unfulfilled committments from the electoral committee which include mobilization.

According to Aluta News correspondence the disapperance of the Electoral committee chairman capped the whole event as it brought the convention to a halt amidst rising tempers,open confrontation and visible chants of protest by the delegates(senators) which after sometime a publication was realeased about the indefinite postponement of the election.

Frustration of delegates following the abrupt halt of the convention

North and west senators waiting to be accredited 

the Senators who angrily began to leave the venue especially those from the north and west due to academic engagement on Monday left with so much disappointment.

Angry Northern Delegates leave the venue
 A senator who pleaded anonymity for security reasons noted in an interview

  "if a student association cannot hold a hitch free election what then do we expect from a nation where the rot has already been planted from the supposed future of tomorrow; we are disappointed in the electoral committee and the leaders of the association. so much interest,tussle and unnecesssary negotiations.
We saw leaders making alignments on behalf of students just for their selfish aims."

"you can imagine a student election having touts as security when we have police,dss and soldiers on ground.
can you not see how senators are manhandled, aspirants are extorted;is this the kind of future that we want for our noble association? i just hope senators are seeing and will do the needful."

As at the time of this publication we were uncertain what was next decision from the organisation will be.