Wednesday, 7 March 2018



Overtime, NANS have suffered setbacks which is a resultant effects of polarization and continuous fractioning in the system.  Most times the parallel government's run into themselves in a quest for local standing a case study of Akwa Ibom convention, Otueke Bayelsa convention) and so on!! Unfortunately, students often turn victims and casualties in the scene of these fracas!

If we must really represent the vulnerable Nigerian students and give a voice to the thousands and millions of Nigerian students who suffer in silence both home and in diaspora, then we must pay the ultimate price of Unity at all cost!!  We must realize that fractioning can only but porous our system, Vandalise our security and weaken our defence!

With a polarized government in NANS, oppressors can always creep in! We will be betraying the confidence of our younger ones in the lower education cadre and  will be shortchanging the hope of the generations unborn if we fail to unite this association and get it working for its purpose.

Several government personel/ Agencies/ ministeries have called me from FCT and states seeking a means to sponsor my ambition and subsequently utilized us for their own interest, But my responses remains that "NANS is A body like ASUU" meant to protect the interest of her members. FAR BE IT FROM ME  that I will ever negotiate a compromise with the Oppressors at the detriment of the Oppressed!!! Others may, I WILL NOT!

It is therefore on this ground I wish to state is clearly that I belong to no fractions but fully pitching my tent with the Nigerian students!

I commend the unity call fronted by comr. Chinonso Obasi and appeal to Comr. Aruna Kadiri to please accept the olive branch!!  Both leadership performed extremely well that we wish it had come in separate times. Since it happened this way, we must make it up!!

Let both parties reconcile their CPC list and give us a United convention!! I stand in the words of  Comr Afolabi Saheed Seedorf fmr. Deputy cordinator zone D who said "Unless their is unity convention, he will not be part of anything "

I appeal to all stakeholders, Zonal cordinators, JCC Chairmen, SUG presidents to join this just course and reform the hitherto mesmerized Association.

"What is worth doing at all is worth doing well"

I am Comr Friday Adayi Uniabuja/FCT ticket for NANS PRESIDENCY 2018

Coupled By De Field Marshal  (DG Friday Campaign  Team)


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