Wednesday, 7 March 2018


The spread of immorality in the educational sector expecially in africa have lingered without authorities proferring a solution to the age long menace. 

Sex for grades and sextual harrassments have continued to raise its ugly head at all levels of the Educational sector. 
An African in Ukraine,  Miss Edesiri Bridget joined her voice to the numerous voices calling for justice for the girl child in the Educational sector on her Facebook  page in her words:

"I spent the first 18 years of my life in Nigeria and I can't even enumerate the number of times my friends and I saw and experienced such treatments (we even had nicknames for the teachers. Mr Frog/Toad was one of the worst; shameless and bold; married with kids by the way) Right from junior secondary school all the way to senior secondary. Most of the adults didn't like to talk about it. It was an embarrassing topic, a taboo; so, they shut their eyes and the girls continued to fail, or give in and be silent. Even now, lots of people are silent and choose to ignore these things.This is why Africa needs the women's rights movement probably more than anywhere else. Lemme stop here before I talk too much. #enoughsaid

So many stories and accounts of such ugly incidents  of urgent concern have even been filmed and broadcasted on news and media channels like YouTube :

Aluta info-box correspondence reported cases of girls who have left their Education  all because of sexual harassment. 
A student of a Leading University in Nigeria who pleaded anonymity said
 "it is so terrible and painful... I couldn't take the threats and carryovers no more,  no lecturer or member of staff was willing to come to our aid... 
Yes girls go to some lecturers with such offers,  I won't say it doesn't happen but the number of female students who indulge in such acts cannot be compared to the amount of male lecturers who force their way just to satisfy their sexual pleasure..... For crying out loud having sex with you is not by force.... It should be mutual!  If I am not interested please respect that".


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