Sunday, 23 July 2017


It was a bright day full with joy, certainty, celebration and hope of the betterment of our political stratosphere as youths continue to show leadership.

Saturday, July 22 2017 is a day the people of Ika South local government area trooped out en-mass to witness true leadership and legislative representation.

Campus media reporters witnessed the youth empowerment cum awards of excellence given by hon. Okoh Festus chukwuyem A.K.A Chuky Dandy member representing Ika South Local Government Area in the Delta State House of Assembly to his constituents at government field Agbor.

Saturday, july 22 2017: 160 students were empowered with 50,000 Naira scholarship, five women who were earliest to the empowerment program were awarded with 10,000 each and 11year old Bienose joy who took the news in ika dialect, to the amazement of the crowd was awarded 20,000 naira for her excellence.

Campus media reporters while running check on dignitaries present, ran into the President general of Southern Nigeria Youth Congress (SNYC) and convener "THE YOUTH SUPPORT INITIATIVE", Comrade Ugagaoghene Ogheneyole N.
Comrade ugagaoghene said that the empowerment initiative of hon. Okoh C. Festus was in line with his association's aims/mandate of advocacy for good governance, youth empowerment and regional development hence the necessity to support the initiator of such empowerment.
He also said that the youth support initiative tagged "THE CHUKY DANDY WE KNOW....! THE CHUKY DANDY WE SUPPORT!" was to encourage hon. Festus Okoh and let him know that his good deeds did not go unnoticed.
Comrade Ugagaoghene also told campus media reporters that the youths are ready to take over. outlining youths like. Mrs E. Ibori, Rt. Hon Friday Osanebi, comrade ossai ovie  success, comrade Jerry Ehiwario, Hon. Antony Elekeokwuri, Hon Okoh Festus and a host of others who are torch bearers in delta state political space.

When asked what he knows about Hon. Okoh festus Chukwuyem; he said "Hon. Okoh Festus is not a political philanthropist like the flock of comprado bourgeoisies whose mentality of empowerment is giving youths and women bags of rice,grinding machines, motorcycles without helmets etc but he is a man that has vision and is committed to carving a future for the younger generation.
He said the ripple effect of this scholarship is that in five to fifteen years ika south will be having youths who are bachelor degree holders, master degree holders, PhD holders and professors and this will help reduce crime and wanton barbarism perpetuated by illiterate youths. He also called on the governor of delta state Sen. Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa and the Nation's leadership to allot 40% appointive positions to youths in other to mentor them as youths form the fulcrum of any society.

Campus Media reporters, in an interview session with hon. Festus Chukwuyem Okoh asked him :what motivated the empowerment? Is it politics ?
In his reply he said " I did not start this empowerment today, I started eight years before 2015. That is around 2008 and it has since then been yearly.
This is just a continuation of that which was started long ago; this time I want to tell my people that I am still committed to  the development drive of the ika nation and the state. And also say "thank you" to ika south people for giving me their mandate at the 2015 polls.
When asked why he did not share bags of rice, this was his reply "well, I will not criticize politicians who share bags of rice but, we are the youths and we know how the street is, we did not grow up in the age of community and government scholarships so we and our parents struggled to get through with our fees hence, I decided to invest in the future of our youth by clearing a major hitch. Education is key, so youths should be encouraged to get this key." He ended by saying; it is not about politics, it is about CHUKY dandy!

While chatting with a receipent of the education fee award; miss Ashien Gift, a student of delta state university, abraka, delta state. She said we have seen a plethora of politicians who come and tell us so much stories and do nothing. I used to think that hon. Festus Okoh will stop this empowerment after being elected in 2015 but he have been consistent with the annual scholarship and so all Ika students especially from Ika South Local government area will stand solidly behind him. And as far as I am concerned, if he wants to return come 2019 then Ika south constituency has no vacancy at the Delta State house of Assembly.
She was asked what differentiates Hon. Okoh Festus C. From other politician and law makers? And she said  " Hon CHUKY dandy is always in the village and no matter who you are; his office, home and phone lines are always open to visitor and complaints unlike other politicians who see themselves as demigods ". In her final notes she said " hon. Chuky  Dandy, God bless you for me !"


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