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Two expelled students of Delta State
University, Abraka, JOY ENAOHWO AND
OJEAH OBIAJULU have written a petition
to the state house of assembly through
their solicitors claiming that they were
unjustifiably expelled from the university.
In their petition they claim victimisation by
their head of the Department, Fine and
Applied Art, Dr U.N.O Edewor.
The petition was presented yesterday
during plenary by the member representing
Ethiope East Constituency HON (CHIEF)
After the prayers the house directed the
House committee on Public Petition to look
into the merit of the Petitions.
For the full story on how it happened read
their petition below:
23rd February, 2017.
The Rt. Hon. Speaker,
Delta State House of Assembly,
Okpanam Road,
Delta State.
Dear Sir,
The above subject matter refers.
We are Solicitors to ENAOWHO JOY
(FOA/13/14/220090) and OJEAH
OBIAJULU SILVER (FOA/13/14/219517)
on whose behalf we write.
Sir, we are constrained to bring to your
attention and indeed seek the urgent
intervention of the Delta State House of
Assembly, being Legislative arm with a
view to obtaining justice for the aforesaid
two female fine art students of the Delta
State University who have been made
victims of oppression and highhandedness
by their lecturer and the university
management led by the Vice Chancellor. It
is also important to draw your attention to
the issues herein contained considering
that they are capable of damaging the
fabric of tertiary education in the state, if
not curtailed.
The gravamen of the case of the aforesaid
two female students is to the effect that
both of them are 300Level Students of the
Delta State University, studying Fine and
Applied Arts. Both of them sat for course
FAA 211 Drawing Examination on the 20th
of July, 2016. They wrote the examination
peacefully and submitted their scripts in
accordance with the relevant rules and
regulation of the Delta State University.
There was no incidence of examination
malpractice of any sort relating to them
and they had no issues, whatsoever, with
the Invigilators for the examination. They
also filled and signed the attendance sheet
for the examination as required of them.
However, a day after the examination was
written, the course lecturer and Head of
the Department of Fine and Applied Art,
one Dr U.N.O Edewor phoned and invited
one of them (Enaowho Joy) to come to his
office immediately, to which she complied.
Upon her arrival Dr Edewor alleged that
she and her friend, Ojeah Silver engaged
someone to write the examination for
them. The student was surprised at the
allegation and vehemently denied same.
She sought to know from Dr Edewor the
grounds for the allegation or any proof for
his allegation but he could not provide
any. It is instructive to note that the said
Dr Edewor was not present at the
examination hall and there is no report by
the Invigilators of the examination
regarding any incidence of examination
malpractice against the two female
students to support the allegations made
by Dr Edewor.
In spite of his absence from the
examination hall or any report from the
Invigilators to rely upon and
notwithstanding the lack of evidence to
support his spurious claims, Dr U.N.O
Edewor flagrantly abused his position as
the Chairman of the Examination
Malpractice Disciplinary Committee of the
Delta State University and phoned
Enaowho Joy again to come back to his
office the same day, which she did. He
then issued her with two letters of
invitation to appear before the
Examination Malpractice Disciplinary
Committee the following day. He also
instructed her to give the second letter to
her friend, Ojeah Silver.
The next day, being two days after the
examination, the two female students
(Enaowho Joy and Ojeah Obiajulu Silver)
duly appeared before the Examination
Malpractice Disciplinary Committee.
Amazingly, the panel was chaired and
presided over by Dr Edewor himself. In
fact, he was the only one amongst the
panellist who spoke throughout the
proceedings; the other panellists were
practically onlookers. He accused the two
students of engaging someone to write the
examination for them. No evidence was
presented, the source of the information
relied upon by him was not disclosed, no
witness was called, no reference was
made to any malpractice incidence or any
report showing the two girls were caught
indulging in examination malpractice etc.
The two students denied the allegations
and narrated how they prepared for and
wrote the examination by themselves,
including the fact that they duly signed the
attendance register for the examination
but Dr U.N.O Edewor whose mind was
made up ahead of time would have none
of it and so he entered a guilty verdict
against the two students upon which they
were allegedly expelled from the
University. The two students were later
informed of their expulsion via a
publication on the University’s website.
It is important to note that at the
committee hearing, Dr Edewor played the
role of the Complainant, Prosecutor (in
actual fact Persecutor) and the Judge over
the matter and by so doing violated a
fundamental tenet of natural justice which
in latin is stated thus: “Nemo Judex in
causa sua”, meaning no man shall be a
judge in his own case. He also violated the
second principle of fair hearing which is
also stated in latin thus; “Audi alterem
patem”, meaning listen the other side. The
Committee hearings were actually a
charade, put up by Dr Edewor to give
effect to his heinous motives of inflicting
injustice on the two students. In effect, the
two students were denied fair hearing.
It is unacceptable for Dr Edewor to preside
over a matter where he is the
complainant/accuser. These actions of Dr
Edewor are condemnable, unacceptable in
a citadel of higher learning and constitutes
an affront against the constitutionally
guaranteed right of fair hearing enshrined
In Section 36 of the Constitution of the
Federal Republic of Nigeria. The likes of Dr
Edewor must not be allowed to continue to
hide under the cover of “Mr Lecturer” and
Examination Disciplinary Committee to
perpetuate injustice against innocent
Sir, having regards to the foregoing, the
following questions naturally comes to
mind, namely;
i. What is the identity of the person (s)
alleged to have written the examination for
the two students?
ii. Since Dr Edewor was absent from the
examination hall, who were the witnesses
that saw another person(s) write
examination for the two students?
iii. Why was the person(s) not
apprehended in the examination hall?
iiii. Why were the students not made to fill
examination malpractice and irregularities
form in accordance with the rules of the
v. Why is there no Invigilator’s report
indicting the students for examination
vi. Why will Dr Edewor who is the Lecturer
for the Course, Head of Department and
Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee
play the role of the Complainant,
Prosecutor and the Judge in the same
matter? Could it be that he has a personal
and hidden agenda against the two
students or even one of them?
vii. How did Dr Edewor discover that
someone wrote the examination for the
two students?
viii. Who is actually the Chairman of the
Delta State University Examination
Malpractice Disciplinary Committee
Chairman? How many members are in the
committee and who are they? Can a single
member of the committee indicts a
student, issued and signed invitation
letters to the student and then presides
over the hearing for the same matter, all
within two days? Does that not give room
for real likelihood of bias against such a
ix. Under the Delta States University Rules
and Regulation, can a single lecturer
phone a student at home, direct her to
come to his office immediately, give her a
letter directing her to appear before the
Examination Malpractice Disciplinary
Committee the following day and then
summarily try and expel the student from
the University within two days after the
x. Between the Dr Edewor and the Vice
Chancellor, who bears the responsibility of
remedying the injustices inflicted on the
students and assuaging them for the
setback in their studies?
xi. How many other students of the Delta
State University have fallen victim of this
sort of injustice meted to the two female
students in this case?
xii. How many other lecturers and Head of
Department are there in the Delta State
University similar to Dr Edewor who are
victimising innocent students and causing
untold hardship to their families and
Nigerians at large?
xiii. Is Dr U. N. O Edewor not an
embarrassment to the Delta State
It is no doubt a wonder that the identity of
the person(s) allegedly engaged by the
two female students has remained a
mystery till date and the source of Dr
Edewor’s information has never been
disclosed, yet the two female student’s
studies are being truncated over
allegations that cannot be substantiated.
It is also noteworthy that Dr Edewor’s
actions and the procedure leading to the
arbitrary expulsion of the two female
students falls short of the established
rules and regulation of the Delta State
University for Examination malpractice
which requires that;
a. A student caught engaging in
examination malpractice is made to fill the
examination malpractice form on the spot.
b. The Chief Invigilator is then required to
submit a written report to the Dean of the
c. On receipt of the Report, the Dean is
required to promptly investigate the alleged
malpractice and within one week forward a
report/recommendation to the Student’s
disciplinary committee.
The foregoing is the laid down procedure
for examination malpractice and
disciplinary action contained in the Delta
State University Student’s Information
Handbook (see page 296-297). Curiously,
this procedure was not followed and what
Dr Edewor did is nothing but a sham and
same ought to be reversed immediately for
the sake of justice, fairness and equity.
Not to reverse it is to endorse and
enthrone oppression, arbitrariness,
wickedness and insensitivity to the plight
of our young ones, which if allowed to
continue, is capable of throwing the
university system into chaos and capable
of endangering not only the future of our
youths but the institution of higher
learning itself and ultimately the future of
our dear state.
Sir, in view of the foregoing, it must be
stated in very unequivocal terms that the
expulsion of the two female students,
Enaowho Joy and Ojeah Obiajulu Silver,
from the Delta State University is
unjustifiable, unlawful, unconstitutional,
unsustainable, indefensible, arbitrary,
oppressive and unacceptable. No one has
the right to jeopardise the future of others
on baseless and spurious allegations.
We therefore demand that the said
expulsion be set aside with immediate
effect and the students be reinstated
forthwith. They ought to be in 400level
right now having completed their 300level
and thus we demand that they be
reinstated to the class where they ought to
be now, in such a way that they must
graduate with their classmates who are
currently in 400level. This is the only way
they can be assuaged.
We state that Dr Edewor is an
embarrassment to the Delta State
University. Thus, we accordingly demand
that Dr Edewor be thoroughly investigated
and appropriate sanctions be meted to him
for perversion of justice, for putting the
university in a bad light and for being an
embarrassment to the Delta State the
University. This we believe would serve as
a deterrent to other lecturers who have
been indulging in or who may want to
indulge in similar illegality and abuse of
office in the University.
Thankfully, the Delta State House of
Assembly enjoys oversight powers over
the executive arm of government, inclusive
of the Delta State University. We therefore
respectfully urge you Sir, to use your good
offices to intervene in the matter with a
view to setting aside the unjustifiable
expulsion of the two female students and
have them reinstated forthwith.
We thank you.
Yours faithfully,
Oviemuno Obobolo Esq.
Principal Counsel.
1. His Excellency, the Governor of Delta
2. The Honourable Chairman, Delta State
House of Assembly Committee on
3. The Honourable Member Representing
Ethiope East Constituency, Delta State
House of Assembly.
4. The Honourable Commissioner for
Higher Education, Delta State Ministry of
Higher Education, Asaba, Delta State


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