Sunday, 12 March 2017

Dio Oghale Emeka Rex (SAP, SANS, MOFR) Reporting from Campus Reporter Media- Aluta Worwor Disregard the Communique of the NANS 72nd Senate meeting, SUE the Senate President for amendment.


The conscience is like an open wound , only the truth can heal it.~ Uthman Danfodio.

It is a popular saying that whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. This saying has again resonated in my mind after the unfortunate circulation of an alleged communiqué of the 72nrd NANS Senate Meeting by the NANS senate president, Comr. Salam Olajide. It is known to the world that the 72nrd NANS Senate Meeting was held on the 2nrd to 4th of March,2017 , at the Federal College of Land and Resources Technology (FECOLART), in Owerri , Imo State.

Although the meeting was met with gridlock at a particular point, which led its adjournment, yet certain issues as they affect the Nigerian Students, and the state of our nation were brought and looked into before the highest Law making organ of the Nigerian students, the NANS Senate.

However, it beats my imagination that the purported communiqué (ie) official resolution of the Senate Meeting been circulated by the NANS Senate President, Oyejide Salam lacks merit and facts. And as such has been rejected by men of conscience and truth!

I wish to use this opportunity to call on the Senate president of NANS to as a matter of urgency withdraw the his alleged communiqué of the 72nrd NANS Senate Meeting, as it doesn't in any way reflect the deliberation that was  engaged upon in the floor of the House. Whoever ever was in the meeting will be able to identify the discrepancy between what was discussed at the Senate Meeting and the content of the alleged communiqué as orchestrated by
the NANS Senate President and his co-travellers.

It isn't my business to conclude on the intention and agenda of the Senate President , which has clearly proven to be ulterior in nature. All I ask, is for the issues and deliberations that were looked upon by the Senate on the 3rd of March, 2017 to have its clear reelection in the communiqué , without any manipulation of content to propitiate any  faction

The NANS Senate , as we know is the apex decision making body of the organization. Hence , it is sacrosanct for the body to maintain its respect, primacy of recognition and worth in terms of reliable cum factual presentation of communique , in every of her sitting.

The Senate President knows the facts and substance of what was deliberated upon in the last Senate Meeting.

He doesn't need anybody to remind him of what was discussed in Meeting he presided upon. On this backdrop,  I join the league of men with upright minds, to call on the senate president to withdraw the so called communiqué in circulation, which has several political undertones and has been found wanting  in authentication.

He should therefore, provide the Nigerian students and the nation at large, a replacement that is only predicated on facts and facts alone - as this would mark an incipience of the much expected administrative expediency in sustaining the integrity, national and international prestige of our highly revered organization, NANS.


Comr. Okorie Ikechukwu Santos
(AkA, Aluta Worwor).

Financial Secretary, NANS, NATIONAL.


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