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Monday, 17 February 2020

Top 5 Countries for your University Education

          As the Nigerian Education sector is still struggling to meet up with its counterparts abroad, also some of us still have problems accessing US and UK visas due to some strict restrictions from their governments. There are some other countries with fairer visa conditions for Nigerian citizens including the sound education system that can be measured alongside other top countries of the world. Below, we have taken the liberty to make a list of those countries and what makes them stand out. Below, they are listed thus:

1.    Germany

Everyone knows that Europe is the world’s capital of contemporary education, and fortunately, their visa policy is somehow favorable to Nigerians despite the bad publicity about the country in the western media. Germany is a great country to study courses like hard science courses, business, and German language. German education system just like the Canadians depends largely on practicality, and also being the headquarters of top companies in the world one can easily secure a place for his/her internship program as most of their courses depend largely on that. But you must note that you must go through a compulsory German language course before proceeding to the main course.

2.    Japan

The Japanese system of education is as beautiful as their architectures but mind you, they take decipline very seriously. if you are interested in studying anything tech-related, Japan should be your destination of choice. The cost of living is very moderate and accessing their chosen school is twice as convenient because their crazy fast trains are always there to take you to your destination. The visa policy is fair for Nigerians requesting for student’s visa, but you have to equip yourself with a little bit Japanese language before you can integrate.

3.    Australia

Australia may be very far from Africa, but if your purpose is academic-related then it is worth it. This country has one of the best universities in the world especially when you seeking to get a degree in business, humanities, and science-related courses. But you should note that Australia is in the southern hemisphere, meaning that you have to make sure you suite yourself properly because of the long freezing winter cold. And visa fee stands at $141. Some of the universities to consider while in Australia are Australian National University (ANU), University of Western Australia (UWA), University of Sydney, University of Queensland Australia (UQ), e.t.c.

4.    Finland

With a population of over 5 million people, This is a country with the most unique education system in the world, a child in Finland is not meant to start school until they 8-9 years of age. The University education here is more pragmatic than theoretical, which is why they spend more time working as interns in different companies in the world. Finnish visa goes for $88 and the cost of living is a bit high. Some universities to consider in this country are the University of Helsinki, Aalto University, and the University of Jyväskylä.

5.    Ukraine

This country has trained more Nigerian medical doctors than a foreign university in the world. With a population of over 42 million people living, they have an education system designed to train students especially in the field of medicine. One of the advantages of schooling in Ukraine is the low moderate cost of living which includes the tuition fee compared to other top countries. Ukrainian visa goes for $52.

Lastly, you have to understand that in as much as traveling abroad for education purposes is a good idea, you don’t have to stress it. There are some decent top universities in Nigeria one can easily enroll in considering you have the financial resources needed for such a project. We will advise our parents to endeavor to go for those private universities with renowned foreign professors working with them because they have the same quality ad those schools abroad. Also you should try country like Canada, it is actually one of the first best destination for those in academic pursuit.
For those who cannot afford such quality education, you have to understand that the best form of education is the self-thought system; go online, find materials related in your niche, study it and get acquainted with its content. Use all the available online materials within your reach that way, you will sure measure up with your counterparts in any part of the world.

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Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Top 10 best Educational Apps Students Must Have

Apps every student must have

  Education as we know it has changed, libraries, dictionaries, bookshops, e.t.c as we know it has also changed with it. Gone are the days when you have to stock your school bag with a pile of books and other materials including your dictionary and drag it to school every day. Today, the transformation has engulfed the education sector, all these materials have been transformed in the form of computer software and mobile app for convenience. Below, we have compiled 10 useful educational apps every student must have in their possession. Below, they are listed thus:

1.    StudyBlue

This app allows you to upload study materials, and create electronic flashcards. The uniqueness of this app is that it also allows you to share these materials with others, that way you get to access more academic material outside your reach. This app works on both Android and iOS devices.

2.    Oxford Dictionary

This is the popular one, this is the popular Oxford English Dictionary as you know it modeled into a software. This app helps students search for the meaning of hard English words and help build vocabulary. It works on both Android and iOS platforms.

3.    Dragon Dictation

This app is simply amazing, it transcribes every word you say into a written readable sentence. With this type of app, students can easily take notes without raising a pen. Also, users can copy and paste into any app of their choice to e.g. MS word, e.t.c, save in draft, or send as an email.

4.    GoConqr

This app allows you to collaborate with classmates, and friends and other learner groups. It allows you to get access to the best learning platforms like Flashcards, Mind Maps, Quizzes, Slides and Notes, e.t.c. Just like its counterparts, it is designed to work on both Android and iOS platforms.

5.    Office Lens

This is a Microsoft product designed to convert jpg to an editable readable material. With this app students can copy and paste, share, edit jpg documents, all you need to do it to take a picture of the article you wish to work on, then it converts it using Office Lens.

6.    myHomework Student Planner

First, you have to understand that the aim of developing this app is never to make students reluctant about homework, class tests or any other form of classwork, rather it makes it easier for them to keep up with class activities especially those that have other activities aside from schooling. e. g. Business.

This app is specifically designed to keep an average student-organized and make them remember things, that way they will have more time to create new ideas.

7.    WPS Office

WPS Office Software is a leading office, easy-to-use productivity suite for PC and mobile devices. 
It is a more affordable solution and a preferred alternative to Micosoft® Office. 
This App is fully compatible and comparable to Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word. 
The WPS Office suite is available for download on Android devices, Windows and Linux-based PCs as well as iOS. 

8.    Google Drive

We all know Google Drive to be a major key player in the cloud computing technology. Well, it also plays an important role in the education sector. This is so because, with it, you can share documents with any of your classmates from any part of the world.

9.    Istudiez Pro Legend

This is a $2.99 and  $9.99 educational app that allows users to track their assignments, class schedules, and grade at a place. Sometimes you are sure when your next French test will be or when/what the next exam paper will be, this app is designed to do just that; all you need to do is to check your iStudiez app for an update. As it is, users can integrate other calendar apps like Google Calendar and others to it. This app is designed to work on iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows platforms. The mobile version costs $2.99 while the desktop version goes for $9.99.

10.    Quizlet Go

Quizlet is another paid educational app on our list, it is subscribed for between $1.67 per month or  $19.99 annually. This app allows you to use other people’s study or create yours; the topics embedded in it are endless, from Civil War Battles, Airport Codes, Structures of the Heart, e.t.c. and all the information needed for this project is very well available. It is also, meant to work on both Android and iOS.

Though there are other pretty nice educational apps you need to have on your phone as a student, the ones we listed above are the most relevant. Technology is revolutionizing education as we know it, what you need to do as a smart student is to leverage the trend.

BBI Invokes Right to Life as Parents of a Sick Child Cites Religion for Refusing Child Medical Care.

Behind Bars Initiative(BBI) rose to the rescue of a one year and seven months old baby, precious who suffers from hydrocephalus.

Baby Precious, who according to the DG of BBI, Comrade Harrison Gwamnishu, has undergone untold hardship in the hands of her religious fanatic parents.

The parents who claimed to be Jehovah Witnesses were alledged to have locked the less than 2 year old baby at home because of her peculiar health challenge and attempts to rescue the little child proved difficult as parents claimed it is against their religious belief to undergo surgery or blood transfusion.

Comrade Gwamnishu noted on his update on the situation that:

"We are not only going to retrieve her from her Jehovah 's Witness parents, but we will also move her to a specialist hospital for the surgery.
My organization can not do it alone. We need collaboration and support from concerned Nigerians.
Her parents lock   her daily indoor. She's imprisoned and she's dying slowly.
She's just 1 year +. "

The little child has been said to have a deep sore behind her head due to BED SORE and lying headback on the floor.

The DG called on government and all interventionist organisation to come to the rescue of this innocent child as the initiative invokes the right to life as enshrined in the nigeria constitution.

 In his statement on his social media page tagged LIFE OR SPIRITUALITY? #SavePrecious he said

"My day was ruined yesterday in Sapele, Delta State by this little 1-year 7-months old baby's predicament in the hands of her Jehovah 's Witness parents who are religious fanatics that always lock her🔒 indoors alone because of her health challenge.
Sapele Olofofo Unugbragada led me to see her. 😭 😭 She's suffering from Hydrocephalus and the parents have vehemently opposed all pleas to carry out surgery on the baby citing religious belief.
No responsible and responsive government will fold its arms and allow any parent or guardian to act ignorantly on religious grounds in a way that would be life-threatening to a citizen, especially their children or wards.
We will use every legal action to rescue the child from them and bring her back to life... Your opinion is also needed as the baby needs urgent medical care.

He also called for the involvement of the Delta State Government,ministry of women affairs and the ministry of justice

Sex Worker Who Met the Unfortunate Demise of her Client due to Sex Enhancement Drugs Narrates Story [video]

Bar tender and part time sex worker, Precious who hails from Akwa-Ibom narrates her story with client.

The media had recently gone haywire after news of an unidentified man who died from allegedly taking overdose male sex enhancement pills to satisfy a prostitute at Agbor in Delta state.

According to Precious she was introduced to the man by his friend who before their departure to the hotel room was first seen with a chemist nearby.

She narrated that the late client bought her noodles while he ate yam pottage before they slept. Sometime around 5am they both had sex and slept only to wake up by about 6am and the man had given up the ghost. all attempt to aid the man regain consciousness proved abortive as she had to raise the alarm that notified the hotel management.

The victim had since been taken the the morgue. 

Thursday, 6 February 2020

Nike Releases New Nigeria's Super Eagles Jersey for 2020

Following the release of the official 2020 jersey of the Nigeria Super Eagles, at the Americas sportswear manufacturer, NIKE's brand event in New York, alongside the new South Korea and USA jerseys, Nigerians have welcomed this new outfit with mixed feelings.

What was tagged a classic by some fans is however only a bit similar to the 2018 world cup jersey in its wavy nature.

Tagged the waviest jersey ever, though  unlike the 2018 World Cup jersey that was greatly accepted and loved, opinions have been  divided this time on whether this new set of jerseys are superb or a mere mockery.

The new jersey, is similar to the new England shirt, in that the Nike logo and federation badge sits proudly at the center on the chest of Nigeria’s new 2020 home shirt, with "Naija" written on the inside neck as well as the back of the socks.

Nike has explained the reason behind the design of both the home and away jerseys on Twitter, through the senior director, Heidi Burgett.

 He said the home jersey is a mix of an “agbada” design and modern football design. At the same time, the away kit is inspired by “onanism” (self-gratification).

The Super Eagles would wear the new jersey all through the 2021 AFCON qualifiers and also the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

According to the Nigeria Football Federation's 1st Vice President, Seyi Akinwunmi, the Nigeria national teams will start to wear the New Jerseys in June but it will be in the shops in July.

He also stated in a radio interview that; they are trying to ensure that it is available in the stores in at least 10 cities in Nigeria”.

Reactions trailed this release as some Nigerians expressed their resentment via social media.

Shehu Achituwo, wrote on Twitter:
“Pls this isn’t cool, just don’t disgrace us. From the best jersey in FIFA world cup to a faded looking second hand Jersey.”

Another user, Emmanuel CO, wrote:

The White Jersey clearly represents what the present government of Nigeria has always had… “NO SENSE…!!!
A Secondary school pupil would have done a better job of designing any of those Jerseys…
And your fido-dido male model didn’t help the “Look” of the Jersey at all…”

For Odemwingie Precious,
“The jerseys are fine but the guy wearing the white/green is why it’s not looking fine. Put the jerseys on someone else, you will see the difference,”.

A fan from Brazil wrote:
 “Nigeria is trending in Brazil right now because we are loving this shirt. Nike, when are you going to do one as great as Nigeria’s one?”

The president of the Authentic Nigeria Football Supporters Club, Abayomi Ogunjimi said:

“This is more of a Nigerian thing, it is beautiful and an improvement of what we use to have, from what I have seen, the fans are happy, and I must appreciate the Nigeria Football Federation and NIKE for giving Nigerian fans something to cherish for a long time.”
other Nigerians has long expressed opinions that the counterfeits would flood the Nigeria Market even before June official sale.

What is your opinion of this jersey? comment below.

Monday, 3 February 2020

Delta State Students Unveil Face of NADESSTU Worldwide (FON) 2020

The National Association of Delta State Students Worldwide, today, through the Director of Social Activities, Comrade Sophia Chima, addressed AlutaNews correspondence on the readiness of the Association to hold her maiden Face of NADESSTU (FON) pageantry.

According to the student body, the event promises to be intriguing and fun filled, which will usher in the next image of the Apex student organisation in Delta State.

Comrade Sophia, D.O.S NADESSTU worldwide

In an exclusive interview, Comrade Sophia Chima the Social Director of the Students Association Said:

We are all set for the event. It is going to be a big one and NADESSTU is equal to the task. of course Delta State has never been known for anything small.

When asked What FON is all about she said;

 Every brand has an image and a brand as big as NADESSTU can not be the exception. The face of NADESSTU 2020 would usher in a new era for social activities in the state's students cum comrade community. we are going to show the world how gorgeous the Delta girl and boy is and by extention the Niger Delta people and these faces would be the picture you see when you look at Delta state Students. Delta state as you know is blessed with diverse customs and beautiful cultures and this is how we are going to show the world how elegant, colourful and culturally balanced our state is.

This maiden Face of NADESSTU 2020 is open to male and female students of Delta state origin irrespective of their institution worldwide.

The event would host 20 contestants, Six(6) crowns and one(1) Face who will be the champion of the entire event.

The Auditions would hold at different venues, while the Grande Finale would hold in Delta State on March 21st, 2020.

Audition Venues include: 
Delta State University(DELSU) Oleh and Abraka Campuses - 7th February.
Delta State University(DELSU)  Asaba Campus - 8th February.
Delta State Polytechnic(DSPG) Ogwashi-Uku  - 8th February.
Obafemi Awolowo University(OAU), Ile-Ife Osun State - 15th February.
River State University(RSU) -8th February.
Lagos State University(LASU) - 9th February.
University of Ibadan(UI) -14th February.
Federal University Lokoja (FUL) -15th February.
All contestants are to go for auditions at the campus closest to them.

Prizes to be won include:

1st Prize 
100,000 Naira
Makeup product by Sach
FON T-shirt
One Year Management by modeling sponsors
Certificate of Participation

2nd Prize
50,000 Naira
Makeup product by Sach
FON T-shirt
One Year Management by modeling sponsors
Certificate of Participation

3rd Prize
30,000 Naira
Makeup product by Sach
FON T-shirt
One Year Management by modeling sponsors
Certificate of Participation

The Pageant would be managed by Liav modeling Agency, with Miss Lillian, CEO Liav modeling as chaperone, and Miss Hillary Brideba as  Catwork instructor.

Forms can be collected from the Office of director of socials, for a fee of Five Thousand Naira on the following numbers 08068864890, 07080133103,08030986693,08102934950,08120934073, or 08160391741
Miss Lillian CEO Liav modeling Agency

Miss Hillary Brideba- Catwork Instructor
The high point of the event would be the unveiling of Delta Queens and Kings of all campus

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Anioma Students Worldwide Set to hold National Convention open sales of form for the next Executive Council

The students of Anioma Extraction following a publication signed by the Secretary of the Electoral Committee declared its commitment to hold the smoothest and seamless election since the inception of the association.

The Anioma people who are indigent people from the Delta North Senatorial District of Delta state in Southern Nigeria, are Predominantly Igbo speaking people in the south with sub-ethnic groups like, the Ika, Ndokwa/Ukuani, Aniocha, Oshimilli making up 9 local government areas of the 25 local government areas in the state; vis-a-vis Ika North-East, Ika South, Ndokwa West, Ndokwa East, Ukwuani, Aniocha North, Aniocha south, Oshimilli North and Oshimilli South Local Government Areas of Delta State; which together forms The Acronym A.N.I.O.MA meaning "Good Land".

The Anioma Nation which is the constituency of the Present Governor of Delta State, Sen., Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, Prince Ned Nwoko, Tony Elumelu, Jim ovia, Mrs Ngozi Okonjo Iwuala, football sensation Jay Jay Okocha, Late Stephen Keshi, Godwin Emefiele of the Central Bank, Mariam Babangida and a host of other societally influencial and prominent men and women have seen some of the most outspoken and prominent activists in the Student Union owing to a very active Student Union; The National Association of Anioma Students (NAAS) worldwide.

Following the publication of  the commencement of sales of form for the next executive council and the Press Briefing with AlutaNews by the Electoral Committee led by Amb. Comrade Onyeamai Martin as Chairman and the outgoing Executive Council led by her President Comr. Okonye Gift Chidiebere.

The Students' Union President, Comrade Okonye Gift said:
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We have Served a very conscious and active union and of course it is not an easy task but the support by our council of past presidents, traditional heads, Chiefs, Political class and Comrades from the Anioma Extraction has been a cushion for us through the year.  
I will love to say thank you to my ever supportive executives from my Vice President, Comr. Onwuma Emmanuel, My Secretary, Comr. Ibeh Chidi, the Senate of this Association and all well meaning Anioma people who have etched their names in the walls of our heart. 
We will be given Awards and a World Press Conference  on the Pillars of the Anioma Students in our next visit to the press, where we will be publicly thanking the Great Men and women who have shown us support throughout our stay in office.

Now the Baton of Transition cum Leadership has been handed down to the electoral committee and we trust their capacity because these men and women are leaders already in the student community and have served well, hence their nomination. 
In all, all i have to say is Victoria Ascerta!  
The Sales of form for  the next leadership from this day has officially commenced and will be ending second week of February as the electoral committee has briefed me, so, students of Anioma Extraction should take advantage of this leadership opportunity and struggle.

The publication made by the Electoral Public relations officer, Comr. Nzete Chinedu and Signed by the Secretary, Comr. Nwabundo Princewill reads:

Anioma Ofu obi! 
This is to inform the general public especially of Anioma ethnicity that after due consultation with stakeholders of National Association of Anioma Students, the electoral committee is pleased to release the time table for the election.
1. Sales of forms
Starts 18th of January till 14th of February.
2. Screening
15th of February
3. Election
29th of February. 
Positions to be contested include;
1. President
2. Senate President
3. Vice President
4. Secretary General
5. Assistant Secretary General
6. Financial Secretary
7. Treasurer (Female only)
8. PRO
9. Director of Socials
10. Director of Welfare/Women Affairs (Female only)
11. Provost
12. Director of Mobilization/ Special Duties
13. Director of Sports
14. Zonal Coordinators (South, North, East, and West.)
15. Deputy Senate President
16. Clerk
17. Deputy clerk
18. Chief Whip.
Note: All intending aspirants should contact the Secretary for their forms.
Dino Princewill