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“You’re a Fraud and Lazy Fool”, Alutanews CEO, David Agu, Blasts Ponzi Scheme Partakers

As various ponzi schemes continue to sprout everyday on the Nigerian cyber space,  a young Lagos-based lawyer, and the CEO/Publisher of Alutanews, David Agu, has,  in a somewhat aggressive manner, advised Nigerians against such practice. He shared his thoughts on his Facebook Page. Find it below:

“Do you PH and GH? That’s what it’s called, right; GH and PH? And it’s rather popular these days, right? Ponzi Scheme, I mean. MMM United, Moneydoubler, Twinkas, and the host of others. Do you participate? Ofcourse you do. Right? So, I guess the question should be, do you ‘still’ participate…and which one? “Who doesn’t in Nigeria?” I think I heard you say. Well…I don’t. And, perhaps, a very few others don’t, as well. So, here’s the thing, bro/sis, STOP IT. Stop it right now, if you’ve been into it. Why? Well, for starters, it doesn’t make you look good. What the heck, why am I pampering you sef? So, to couch it aptly, if you’re a participant, then you’re irresponsible. Hell, you’re stark lazy! But that’s not your biggest problem yet. the real problem is your enormous stupidity. Why stupid? Because you’re so foolish as to think that the world has suddenly become an arena of freebies, where you need not work at all, yet the money will just keep coming. To think that you’ll always just put in some thousands into a system that manufactures nothing and trades in nil, and keep reaping in double or triple folds in matter of hours or days, as the case may be. I’d have loved to tell you that all the ponzi schemes are absolute fakes,stark frauds, but you already know that, right? I can also imagine you telling me that your PH is like an investment, and that even if the schemes are fakes, at least you’ve covered your investments so far, such that even if the scheme crashes, it’s not your loss. But my question, then, would be, the so-called big dough you made from it, where is it now? What tangible progress have you achieved with it? That’s the point, you either lose everything you put in there, or the so-called big bucks you made therein just fade away the same way they came. Ashes must return to ashes. Part of the reasons why the money you make from Ponzi never amount to anything tangible for you is that when they come, you begin to buy drinks, and spend away in celebration of the feat, and before you could say Jack, pocket is empty. But you’re not bothered, because you see the money as freebies anyways, forgetting that the initial capital was yours. Besides, if the money finishes, you’ll just PH again and then GH. And if this one crashes you’ll just switch to another. It’s not a big deal. It’s business and business is risk. Until you’re deep in debts, your rent has expired and you have no job because you used your employer’s money to PH and got sacked. And worse still, you feel too lazy to look for another job, because the ponzi life has made you too lazy to work. Then it dawns on you what a big deal it is.

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A pro bono client of mine came to see me yesterday. “Barrister, you have to do something oo, my N2million can’t just go like that oo”, he said to me. Himself and his colleagues at Lagos Trade Fair market had just lost a total of N24million to a Ponzi peddler, who promised to invest the money for them in return for more than a hundred percent in a week. The peddler now claims the scheme has crashed, and has refused to show up, at least. My client is about losing his shop, and, I hope not, his sanity.

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Last week, some young boys came to see my brother who’s a tech guru, to build a ponzi site for them. They offered to share the proceeds with him, if he builds the site free for them. They outlined how they intend to scoop so much money in a short time, and then fold up. People’s money. Or rather, your money. My bro refused, out of principle. Lest I forget, the founders of these schemes may be frauds, but at least it’s business…albeit fraudulent business. But he’s better than you the PH and GH participants, methinks. Because, you’re both a fraud and a lazy fool. Sorry, was that harsh? No, I’m not sorry. You’re a fraud because you want other people to lose their money to you while the scheme crashes on their head; and you’re a fool, because you think it’ll always crash on others’ heads and not yours. Just STOP IT NOW.
Please use your energy and good brains to create value, add value, and be rewarded accordingly. That’s where dignity lies, and not otherwise. Get busy today, my friend”.

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