Why I'll Never Vote Some Women For Any Position - Female Lawyer, Stephanie, Blasts

Why I’ll Never Vote Some Women For Any Position – Female Lawyer, Stephanie, Blasts

Why I’ll Never Vote Some Women For Any Position – Female Lawyer, Stephanie, Blasts

In her usual outspoken manner, Abuja-based beautiful female Lawyer, Stephanie Ifemenam, using her own story, throws some shots at some women whom, according to her, do not deserve to lead. Alutanews brings you her words below:

“I went to a certain office earlier today,the details I will save you…..but I want to drop few thisngs here…..

I am always confronted with some sort of irritation anytime i enter an office where a woman is in charge and find the woman harsh,daring or threatening. One wonders what men working with or under this type of woman feel,considering the natural ego of men.

Aside from few insecure men that would always say”why should a woman lead us?” or “why should a woman occupy certain position?”…..when you see guys fight against a woman being in a particular position, they have their reasons.

In as much as I strongly believe that a woman can aspire and attain any position in life(I would want to be the President of Nigeria some day),there are women that I won’t vote for even if they are aspiring for the position as small as Local Govt.Chairman,because I am afraid that this set of women would find it difficult remaining feminine while they maintain any type of significant power in the boardroom.

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A woman in power should be a comfort to the people… Honest,uncompromising and forthright, yet gentle and nonthreatening. People should be able to take the truth from her without being offended. This I think has more to do with the fact that she shouldn’t insist on having her own way always. She should understand the word “service” and God’s view of authority.

Great leaders are those who have allowed themselves to be led. A woman in power needs to be sensitive to the male ego….YES, Male Ego I said.
Just think of some women in leadership/power and the disapproval that accompany the comments that they are also the ones running the show at home.

People would always resent and resist the leadership of a woman that has a reputation as a rebellious wife who ran her husband. No one likes to see a henpecked man…not even in the liberal society which we live in.

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Though I understand this principle(sensitive to the male ego),but it is an entirely different matter to put into practice. I was tested on this principle time and time again.

One particular occasion that comes to my mind is when I did one Government project some years back. I had a male partner who I worked with. He was a supervisor at the Local Government level,while I was a supervisor at the State level.

While on the project, we disagreed on some details, so on that note I decided to just forge ahead and put everything in place to my own liking and worry about selling him on it later. Afterall, I was the one with greater power(being at the State level), not minding that he has better knowledge in the work more than I do.

Well,the whole thing blew up in my face as I didn’t get the work right. When the result got to the Project Manager,he exploded. As I set about the business of trying to put the whole mess back to some kind of salvageable form,I was convicted of stepping out from under my partner’s authority.

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As I humbled myself and asked his forgiveness for moving ahead of him without keeping him informed of what I was doing,he became my partner in fighting for what I wanted.

Once he knew he could trust me to keep him informed of what was happening, he released me to continue the project in the way I saw fit.

Let me quickly say that”my ability to do fabulous work without my partner’s input  was never in question “,it was about having respect for the order of how things should be done.

There is no way around God’s order of authority no matter who you are or the position you hold in the society.. You are still a woman.

The more we submit, the more we are released to be elevated. The more we submit, the more we are protected.

Within the confines of submission we are released for profound influence and leadership.

It is time to take an honest look at what being out of order costs us as women.”

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