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UNIZIK: Hilarious Moment Students Beat Up Two Men Over “Girlfriend Wahala”


The story and pictures below were posted by Okoli Muna Francis, a Pharmacy student of Unizik. Read it below and have a good laugh…or not.

“Today will go down as the most memorable days of my life as a student leader.

The day started normal, I had just finished my second lectures of the day and was waiting for the third one before I decided to go check out some people in the Faculty Auditorium (for those who know SOPA). I stopped halfway to exchange pleasantries with a fellow classmate who was also in the same mission as me, as we were gisting o. Kasala just burst.

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This two men in the picture, drove in a very fine car o and defied all the pleadings by my lecturers to take things easy and went PSG on my classmate, a 400L student of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical sciences over a certain issue that occurred the previous night. This singular art unearthed the other side of us as we removed our lab coats, abandoned our classrooms and went Barcelona on them. It was legendary seeing pharmacy students fight for their own.

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Thank God for the university security operatives, they would have just died in our hands today. Anyway, to cut the story short. It was a case of mistaken identity. One of the guy in question, had a supposed girlfriend ( the girl refused to show up today shaa) that has been eating all his money. According to him, he was planning on marrying her o until yesternyt when another masculine voice ( the supposed real boyfriend) answered the girls call asking him to back off from his chase all he will deal with him o. He even challenged him to a fight in the school and the man even came and now beat up another guy for no reason o.

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Anyway, we recovered (3 packs of Durex) a very important weapon of mass destruction from them too. We have sent it to Nafdac for verification.

Moral of the story : Dear boys, that she is eating your money doesn’t make you the real boo. You are just her ATM.

Meanwhile, Just be careful with Pharmacy girls o…….
They are not smiling at all!”

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