The 5th of June started like any other day for most people, but for the two finalists in the University of Lagos Science Student Association(U.L.S.S.A.) final year league, it was the day of judgement. Both contestants (Cell Biology and Genetics CBG and their opponents from Microbiology department MIC) must have had sleepless nights in anticipation of the potential glory that awaited them if they got their tactics right and prevailed over their opponents.

Neither both teams was expected to make it this far as they were both underdogs and the final proved to be a very drab matchup of two technically limited sides. Find below the official report of the match.


The referee blew the whistle for kick off and first half started, not forgetting the level at which this two teams have been underrated owing to their mediocre performances in the early stages of the competition.

Contrary to the entertaining football contest spectators were expecting, the contest proved otherwise as both teams showed lack of professionalism on the ball.

Controlling and trapping the ball seemed an arduous task, while making accurate passes seemed too difficult for both teams. The ball was often moved around the pitch seemingly without any purpose. At this point, the spectators were beginning to doubt if the match had started yet or they were being treated to an exhibition game.

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MIC was the team that first got out of the trance that seemed to have enveloped both teams as their midfielder’s intention of crossing the ball into the opponent’s box resulted in a mishit cross that changed direction and hit the right crossbar.

At a point, MIC almost had the shock of their life when CBG ADEBAYO almost got the first goal through a precise and well-taken free-kick, if not for their goalkeeper THOMAS who did well to parry the ball out of play. The first half came to a close with no goals for either team.


Second half started and respective fans were hoping both teams would take them out of the realm of boredom which the first half sunk them to. During gameplay, it was CBG who sat back to at least maintain the score line from the first half in hope of either settling for a penalty shootout or at least if a miracle happens, they get a narrow win.

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MIC on the other side tried all they could to attack-wise to get a goal but all their efforts proved futile as their forwards seemed not to have left their shooting boots at home.

The match soon started heating up as both sides started to become physical on all ends and both teams ended up with four yellow cards each. No serious injury was recorded by either team, just a few cramps probably due to tiredness.

The game was coming to a close and the referee consulted his ever-accurate wristwatch and brought the second half to a close.

Under normal circumstances, the Unilag sports centre does not permit extra time matches if a game ends in a stalemate but the final year cup went against all odds and a duration of 10 minutes per half was given in the nail-biting encounter to determine who gets the bragging rights.


Nothing really went down during first half extra time as it was the same old story of both teams still trying to find their rhythm.

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Second half extra time was when the match sparked to life as MIC department president and team captain VICTOR produced something really breathtakingly amazing, this happened against the run of play and had CBG fans shell shocked.

VICTOR’s acrobatic strike from outside CBG goalkeepers box found its way into the corner of the net with just 5 minutes on the clock for extra time. Veins froze, muscles stiffed and tension set in, as the goal came as a shock, especially when most people would have predicted a penalty shootout because of the mediocre performance that both teams had put up since the beginning of extra time.

As expected, MIC started defending en masse to protect their one goal lead. CBG ADEBAYO once again came close to scoring a goal that could have broken MIC fans hearts to as his free-kick found its way towards goal but THOMAS was the hero again as he was well up to the task of parrying the ball to safety.

Soon after, the referee brought proceedings to an end and Microbiology department are crowned the final year champions
Final Score: MIC 1: 0 CBG

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