Law Students of the University of Lagos class of 2017 who recently issued a disclaimer as regards the (save our souls) SOS message posted by the student activist Adeyeye Olorunfemi on their behalf with a link to them allegedly praying at Unilag Lagoon Front https://www.facebook.com/dachemist.phemmy/videos/1378930808869235/ have been replied by the fiery brand activist. Find below the original message, disclaimer by Law class of 2017 and Femi Adeyeye’s response.

Over 200 final year students of the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos might not write their final exams on Monday which would automatically make them ‘extra year students’ next session. They have been denied qualification to sit exams due to failure to meet the 65% attendance rule of the School. In as much as some of them are guilty as alleged yet it is not out of place to point fingers of guilt at the lecturers who don’t come to class and take attendance judiciously.

‘Most of them don’t come. Those who come don’t take attendance. Now, they even made mistakes in the computation of the 65% attendance list yet they don’t even want to listen to us and our pleas’, a student who spoke to me said.

Here they are in this video praying at the Lagoon front for the situation to turn around. These are lawyers- to- be for crying out loud!. Spirituality has replaced intellectualism, even in our schools. Anything an African does not understand or can not explain becomes a spiritual thing. It’s a pity we have gotten to this self-denigrating point.

If you have a serious legal case in the future, don’t be surprised you might just be directed to the Mountain and not the Chambers.

Although I am not happy with what this system has turned into yet these students WANT TO GRADUATE. They have it written on their faces. Forget about the smiles. Their hearts are beating super-fast. It is one thing to cram, it is another to be this tensed after cramming, as you are not sure you would sit to ‘pour down’ what you have crammed. These students have crammed. Please Dean, let these students sit this exam.

More pictures soon!
Can we please share this virally and plead on their behalf!… Pleaaaaaase! ☺ ☺


The members of the Class of 17, Faculty of Law do not in any shape or form subscribe to the article posted by Mr. Femi Adeyeye.

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Firstly, we always meet before exams to pray, and it is sad that such an intimate moment was shared by someone with an outsider.

Secondly, we do not in any way subscribe to his opinions, and in fact, we wholeheartedly refute them and distance ourselves from them. We acknowledge the default on the part of some our students and embrace our malfeasance, and rather plead for leniency and clemency in light of other factors

Contrary to his misinformed utterances we appeal to the school and the faculty to please disassociate any member of our class from this article and any other like it.



Signed: Law Class of 17, UNILAG




Dear Law Students,
I am very appreciative of the fact that in this trying period, despite how tensed you all are, you could still be civil in your dealings. You haven’t thrown caution to the wind. In fact, you all have shown a level of civility that surpasses that of the Management of the school by putting up a rejoinder to my post. If only the Senate had taken this step you all took when I posted my very controversial article, I wouldn’t have been rusticated and it would have been an intellectual engagement where we all would learn. You’ve shown that you understand democratic principles more than your teachers. That is the reason I have taken this time, out of my busy schedule to reply. I am a “man of few words” and would not allow my emotions to override the penning down of my thoughts lest you would have to read this till thy kingdom come. I know I am a ‘mistake’ on that campus. I’m sorry there is nothing we all can do about that.


Another thing to commend you all for is how you stood against the Comedian ‘Arole’ because he pricked on you for a joke. You succeeded in declaring him persona non grata on the UNILAG campus. Bravo!, that’s revolutionary. But, I think it wasn’t properly channeled to the right quarters. You all made a Macron the head of an African maternity clinic. It is just like getting a Firing squad to kill mosquitoes. The priorities were not properly set.


Ever since the suspension of the Students’ Union and rustication of some of us which included one of you, the P.R.O of the Union, nothing has been heard from you; your association.
Several reprisal attacks from the ‘expeditionary forces’ have been launched on the generality of Akokaites and nobody is saying anything even among the learned.
Freedom of Association left you, no one talked. They clandestinely took Freedom of expression, no one sneezed. Your movement presently is threatened and your Law Society is on auto-mute. 10pm curfew has taken over the campus. Hostels and batteries are locked immediately it is 10pm. Cabs too must not move anymore. Ask Professor Oyebode and co if they begged during their days. A University that is not thinking of generating power despite having a lagoon to experiment with is a joke of the Century. In spite of all the teachings of Dam design calculations, it could only resort to using generators which eventually could not provide adequate power. They would not buy enough generators but they can buy in excess ,CCTV cameras to monitor students and maybe their countenances/conversations. Students call me to complain how security officers harass them especially boys immediately they are gathered in Fives and Six’s. What a pity!. Congratulations on the new borehole just donated to the school by the Chinese Consulate. At least, water supply would get a boost from that benevolent act. After stifling you all of what these fundamental Human Rights, you could still have time, even to the level of going legal, to chase out Arole, the Comedian while the people who deserve to be chased out are in the Senate. Declare the Vice Chancellor persona non grata and you would be taken seriously.



For the final year students who have reached out to me via phone call, speaking sensibly while some were threatening to deal with me. It’s okay. If you can not argue out your position as a Law student, I am sorry I can’t help your ignorance. You seem to be 5,000 pages behind what I want to explain to you. I can send you my house address if you want to deal with me. I’ve been dealt with so many times. Arrested, tortured by policemen including Anti-Terror Police so yours won’t be new.


None of you have called to say what I posted is false. You all have asserted that it would only annoy those who do not want to hear the truth. We now have a situation of choosing between ‘saying the truth’ and ‘not annoying the recipient(s)’.
You should be so sure I would go for the former. I do not care about the mood of the recipient(s). Your mood would not be tampered with if you did what is right for the good of the society.

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However, calling me an ‘outsider’ in your rejoinder is very correct. I have no opposing view to that. But, it only adumbrates my position that this generation has a miniature view at issues. Very myopic at that. You would know I am not an ‘outsider’ at all levels of the school the day I publish financial documents of the UNILAG. How many of you know that the Bursar has been suspended (they are hiding it from the public) and the VC is running helter-skelter and heads are rolling presently. That’s another gist for another day.


I do not want to take too much of your time as you are already in the exam period. I ‘pray’ you all are allowed to sit the exams and pass. That would be my joy. But I would only be more joyful to see a vibrant NBA in my time. Lawyers who would not bribe their way to win cases. I am just sad, because with the recent altercations I have had with you all, I see Lawyers who would bribe better than what is obtainable in our Judicial system now. I want you to graduate and that was why I pleaded on your behalf in the post you have asked me to take down. I have never pleaded such.

What exactly was wrong with my post?. Didn’t you pray?. You said you prayed. Haven’t you been disqualified to sit exams?. You said Yes, you have been disqualified. I only exposed your ‘victimization’ to the World as I have always done with good record of success, aftermath. Why then should I take it down?


I WOULD NOT TAKE IT DOWN because it is against my principles. I heard you all are already reporting my post so my account could be blocked. Please go ahead. This is not the first time. Mark knows his customers. I WOULD ONLY TAKE IT DOWN:

1. when it ceases to be my timeline and now yours.
2. when you understand the difference between a Rejoinder and a Corrigendum
3. when Zuckerberg changes on Facebook the ‘What’s on your mind” to ‘What won’t annoy people’ or ‘What’s on people’s minds”


I wish you all outstanding success in your forthcoming exams. Hope you have read!?


Yours Sincerely

Adeyeye Olorunfemi

Writer and Activist.


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