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NYSC Is An Epidemic _ Frustrated Nigerian Graduates

Frustrated and angered by the uncertainty and lingering silence of the management of National Youth Service Corps over the the fate of Nigerian graduates who have been awaiting since November last year for the commencement of the Batch B(Stream 2) Orientation Camps, a group of the prospective Corp Members have lashed out at the scheme, describing it as an epidemic to Nigerian graduates.

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The graduates under the aegis of 2016 Batch B(Stream 2) insisted that the scheme has done more in wasting the potentials of the Nigerian youth than it does in building it.

Lamenting the unfortunate delay, a member of the group, who goes by the name Jayneevive, said she graduated since 2015 but has remained unemployed, even in the face of opportunities, due to lack of the NYSC participation Certificate. Another member of the group, by the name Ado Academicfullo, blasted the scheme, “NYSC as abody is an epidemic to Nigerian graduates.


And as if that was not damning enough, another prospective Corp Member, Ododo Blessing, said, matter fact, “NYSC is Dead”. The lashing out continues, even as the NYSC management remain nonreactive to the plight of the graduates.

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