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MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE: Young Lagos Lawyer is Angry, Advises Nigerians to Act

David Agu

In his usual manner, activist, lawyer, and the publisher of Alutanews, David Agu, has blasted some Nigerian medical officers who handle the lives of their patients carelessly. He advises aggrieved Nigerians to begin to take out legal actions so as to curb the impunity. Find his post below:

“Two days ago, someone died. Someone I knew closely. Someone loved by someone I love. It was totally sad. Still is…and will continue to be for a long time. But aside this sadness, I’m rather embittered because it was a preventable death. She could’ve still been here with us, had the medical officers involved held more regards for human lives. I’ll spare you the long story. But one thing is sure: while our political leaders could be guilty of treating the welfare of the citizens with careless abandon, most (not all) Nigerian medical practitioners are guilty of treating Nigerian lives with careless abandon. Most times it’s due to their unwholesome quest for money, other times it’s out of sheer incompetence, yet sometimes it’s simply because they’ve seen so many perish that one more death doesn’t really matter anymore. Basically, most of them have become unfeeling. You can only argue this if you’ve never had any reason to spend time at General Hospitals. And speaking of general hospitals, one is probably correct to say these unwelcome dispositions are deliberate, as they seize every opportunity to refer patients to hospitals privately owned by them or their cronies, in pursuit of more earnings. I mean what do you call a nurse who plugged off an emergency patient’s oxygen and allowed her to die just because “she didn’t know the oxygen had been paid for?” And what do you call medical officers at a federal government hospital who refused to admit a critical patient on the false reason that there’s no bed space, only for doctors to appear from every door, 3 hours later, when the patient was already breathing her last, claiming they’d been expecting her since? But she died anyway. And to them it’s just another death, anyway.

These are some of the reasons I advocate and wish that aggrieved Nigerians would begin to do more than just leaving the matter up to God. Sometimes, He actually expects us to commence the action, while he perfects it. Cases of medical negligence are quite scarce in Nigerian courts. That’s got to change if we expect this medical impunity to reduce, atleast. And of a truth, medical negligence suits often result in just damages (money) being awarded in favour of the aggrieved party(ies). And I know no amount of money can fully compensate for the loved one that may’ve been lost, or physical injury suffered,…but at least that would be a start”.

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