LASU Students Cry Out On Abolishing Touts (Agbero) At Bus Stands by Odupe Bolarinwa - Aluta News

LASU Students Cry Out On Abolishing Touts (Agbero) At Bus Stands by Odupe Bolarinwa

It is an open secret that some incorrigible activities erode the campus recently and this has been a bane to students welfarism as students of the most prestigious state university in Nigeria.

“We are currently spending autonomously (spending without earning), which most of our fee have been shouldered by our parents and love ones.” Says one of the students.

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In a country like Nigeria, where parents’ _take home_ can not take them home, would it be seen as logical action that students spend their parents’ hard earned income imprudently?

Paying high prices as transport fare at LASU gate (Igando axis) is illogical. And this is due to the activities of Agbero opposite the gate.
The students are well aware that their Union is fully aware of the condition.

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But surpriingly is that the leaders are doing nothing about it. “Are they the ones indulging these set of miscreants?

According to our source, the students appealed to their Student Leaders starting from the departmental excos to the Students’ Union to find solution to the agbero opposite the school gate latest Monday 5th of June, 2017 claiming that faiureto do so would result into them taking laws to their hands.

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Lasuites threatened to organise themselves to send the agbero packing if their students leaders fail to do so.

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