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‘The Event’ Gets Disrupted In Unilag





There was a disturbance today at Unilag Main Auditorium (J.F Are Ajayi Auditorium) as an entertainment program packaged by Stevane, Kunbi Black and supported by Faculty of Arts Student Association (FASA) came to an abrupt end due to intervention of the Students Affairs division.
Popular Instagram comedian Woli Arole who was also billed to perform couldn’t show up due to the fracas and issued a statement on his Instagram page to that effect. According to witnesses , the program was shut down for two reasons.
1)The organizers allegedly lied to the school management that the program was educational and so they got an 80% rebate on the hall fee.
2) Woli Arole insulted Law 300 level girls that they are too cheap stressing that any guy will date them by offering them egg buns and also declaring that Microbiology 400 level girls can be gotten by offering them suya in an Instagram video that went viral.
It was reported that some students who took offense at these statements went to report to the dean students affairs, DSA that the program wasn’t truly an educational program and then showed DSA the video of the ongoing event.
According to our reporters investigation, Woli Arole was in Unilag for Drug Free Club Unilag chapter inauguration which held recently without any problems as well as being present in a program that held at the same venue the previous day.

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