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Aluta News Icon Of The Week-Sheikh


Aluta News has reporters in various campuses and one of our reporters happen to be Sheikh from Unilag. He has not only proven to be a worthy reporter but has also reported news consistently hence we present him as our first Aluta News Icon of the week.

Name: Afeez Olayemi Bakare (Sheikh X)

DOB: June 13

Dept and Level: Computer Sciences, 300 Level

Best Food: pounded cocoyam and Egusi soup

Best colour: black

What are your interests and inspiration ?

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Ans: Interests include volunteering, personal development, technology, government, politics, business etc. Inspiration: being better than who I was yesterday.

Why Aluta News?

Ans: Aluta continua , A vitória é certa

Apart from Aluta News, what else?

Ans: PR services, consultancy, hobbyist barber, Stationeries sale, ….and being a student.

Most memorable or fulfilled moment in school?
Ans: For now, Hydrophilic.


Most embarrassing moment in school?

Ans: The day I had did night reading and dozed of in class only for everywhere to go quiet , opened my eyes and saw the lecturer standing in front of me grinning and saying welcome back to earth.


Relationship status

Ans: Single

Aluta Crush??
Ans: No one

Any Celebrity Crush??
Ans: No

What is your Philosophy of Life?
Ans: Money is the means to an end and not an end in itself. Live every moment as best as you can.

What do you think of Aluta News?
Ans:. It is a great platform to get news, I especially check every day for updates from Nigerian Campuses

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Ans: Somewhere comfortable….

Tell us something nobody knows about you
Ans: I rarely sit in front of a television except for when watching sports.

A piece of advice…
Ans: No matter the famine in the animal kingdom, a lion would never eat grass. No matter the challenges thrown at you, be yourself and never let go of your values and principles in the heat of the moment.

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