I Accommodated a 'Ghost Corper', and He Nearly Raped Me _ Ex-Corper, Stephnie Shares Her Story - Aluta News

I Accommodated a ‘Ghost Corper’, and He Nearly Raped Me _ Ex-Corper, Stephnie Shares Her Story

Stephnie Ifemenam is a young Abuja-based female Lawyer who’s very outspoken on social media. She shared the story below on her Facebook page today. And she added a very hilarious one at the end.

“During my service year,I had this male friend I met in camp who was a “ghost corper”. He only comes for monthly clearance after which he would still travel the same day.

On a certain monthly clearance,he came but couldn’t finish on time that he was unable to travel that same day. Where to sleep became a problem and he didn’t have enough money to lodge.

Based on better person wey I be na…I offered to accommodate him for the night. I took him home,prepared better food for him,boiled hot water for him to bath….I even had to trek to the gas station to buy fuel for the gen so he wont feel the terrorizing heat in Minna.

Then for me to sleep at night in my own house became an issue….conji is a bastard I swear.

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This guy just n’arikasim n’aru anyhow k’onye añwu gba(like someone that was stung by a bee)
After several warning and threat to throw him out of my house if he doesn’t let me be…which he didn’t heed to,I pierced his wandering hand with my pen(I usually keep under my pillow)…blood was gushing and I still threw him out of my room at that wee hour of the night.

Call me “mean/wicked”,and I will answer….
But the point I’m struggling to make here is that…..it is totally rude,disrespectful and indiscipline to go to a lady’s house and start harassing her sexually,especially when you’re being accommodated… Even when you’re on a friendly visit, you don’t do that unless you are her boyfriend or there is an agreement to that effect. One wonders why most men keep asking if you stay alone before visiting,that’s because of their evil agenda.

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Biko oburu na conji ji gi too much…if you don’t have a house, get a hotel room or better still,borrow a friend’s house. Its more honourable for you to be turned down in your place than to be insulted and pushed out of a girl’s house…some of us have zero chills and tolerance for conjified dudes.


I can understand that some of you men enwerozi honour,but in the interest of peace and harmony…if you visit a lady in her house or her school hostel….jide onwe gi aka,ma jidekwa ife gi aka. It won’t break if you don’t make out with her in her house.

Meanwhile,if your uncles or brother left the house this morning in an oversized blue agbada and brown pencil shoes,he also has bald head and drives Hyundai Sonata….In the interest of his safety,call him to start coming home already because I think he is in my house now trying to misbehave.

Also help tell a friend to tell a friend…
Mind you…I’m already boiling water.”

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