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Aluta News is a Nigerian campus news platform which was founded in 2013, as a weekly print newspaper. However, to meet the peculiar needs of it’s primary target, and due to the need for wider coverage, a full transition to strictly online campus news platform was completed in 2016, with the relaunch of www.alutanews.com

Founded by the renowned students’ right activist, media entrepreneur, and lawyer, Barr. Agu David, alutanews.com seeks to provide Nigerian students and campus communities with timely, accurate, and relevant information.

Again, as the name goes, this news platform seeks to provide students, nationwide, a platform to get their troubled voices heard, to fight institutional corruption and management oppression, and to celebrate their victory.

This is why our motto is:Voice of Freedom.
And, as Nigerian students would say: Aluta continua, Victoria acerta.

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