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A MUST READ: “Reasons Why I Don’t Go To Church!”

A popular social media religious critic, Mr. Seun Egbegbe has rubbished belief in God. In his social media post today, he mentioned the following shocking reasons why church is unnecessary. Read it below:

“Why would i go to church to sing and pray to an imaginary God who doesn’t exist ?
Someone whose​ virgin mother was impregnated by a ghost
Someone who was born 9000 years ago with no evidence to support the imaginary birth. He
promised to come and destroy the world in the middle of the night, we have been waiting for
him for more than 1 million years now. Maybe
he’s booking a Qatar airways that will take him to earth.
Someone who said i will be thrown into the hell fire, a fire that has been flaming for 9 million years without stopping and the people in there haven’t turned to ashes. Someone who sits in a 4 million carat gold throne in heaven while his children die of hunger and
diseases on earth.

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Fuck out of here with that your silly story. Religion is the biggest scam in the history of the world”.

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