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2016/2017 UNN Matriculation: A Celebration Or Confusion?

By Nna-Udosen Ekene

The university of Nigeria, Nsukka and all her students within are in anticipation of the tomorrow,

January January 21, being the matriculation ceremony for the fresh students of the institution.

Unlike the jolly and excited spirit that students would normally have in such periods, it is mayhem,

chaos & worries here in Nsukka as students are unsure of what that day will bring..

The university released over four admission lists shortly before her vacation for the Christmas holiday.

Alot of students from those lists just resumed and are still in the process of carrying out registrations

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and clearance procedures, 70% are yet to gain their registration numbers which also serves as the

matriculation number; a prerequisite before a student is qualified to be matriculated.

An orientation program was organized by the faculty of biological science students, University of

Nigeria Nsukka to enlighten freshers about the faculty and the university in general on Wednesday,

18th of January 2017. A confused student whose name was recently released asked a question, “how

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can most of us who have not gained their registration numbers get matriculated on the 21st?” There

was an uproar in the hall, one that indicated solidarity and support from other students. A staff advisor

answered the question saying keep trying till Friday, you’ll definitely get your reg no. Make sure you

get it before Saturday”. This obviously implies that students who do not get their registration numbers

before Saturday night be faced with a dilemma.

Students are wondering, whats the use of inviting family and friends when they aren't even done with

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their registration processes. Although there are some parties being organized for the freshers to

congratulate them, the mood still remains that of wonder, pessimism and frustration.

The 2016/2017 matriculation of UNN might not be as exciting and organized as the ones of the past.

These questions linger on the mind of first year students:

“Will the 21st of January be a really great day for us?”

“Will it be worth celebrating?”

We’ll find out on the tomorrow, of course!

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